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Strike Witches

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Discuss witches and witch images here. Check up on helma.us/sw/ for more witchy activities.

It's Christmas time and a New Year 2018!
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Monika thread

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can we have a thread about the best ddlc girl
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Girls and firearms

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Let's have some cute girls and firearms. Girls in combat vehicles such as tanks and whatnot count too.
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Hestia is so lumpy #87

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Minase Iori thread #43

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Remember everyone to love Iori forever!

Also post them Santa Ioris!
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Muscle girls thread #2

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You thought this was a joke? Well, we’re serious about our love for these muscular honnies. Post ladies with tight abs, firm legs, and/or strong biceps that could hold you tight and never let go.
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Megumin Thread #12

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First thread in 2018, happy new year everyone! ^^
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Sniper Waifu

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Post the blue haired beauty, Sinon!

Mukuro Ikusaba Thread #2

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Glasses Thread

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Post your cutest meganekkos!
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