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Reiuji Utsuho

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I'm starting to get back into touhou and I just remembered how cute Utsuho is!
Post best touhou stage 6 boss
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Anya Hepburn

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Qt tsundere princess of Soul Eater Not!
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Bismarck thread

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Free biscuits
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Hello! In case you guys are not aware, today is Rena day. While I know the original Rena day was 7/7/2007 I feel 7/7/2017 is worth of Rena love as well. I will be Posting images of Rena through out the day.

Keep in mind for those individuals who have not read Higurashi you may be spoiled minorly by the images in this thread.
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Yū Hattori Birthday Thread

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Happy Birthday to Yū!
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Himawari Furutani

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Hi there /c/ post some of azumanga best girl.
>got some screenshots for now because I lost my original folder but don't mind them and have as much fun as possible.
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my life is falling apart
can we have sad / crying thread
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Houshin Engi

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A fellow anon asked about the Houshin Engi covers for the kanzenban edition, so here they are. Enjoy.

PS: This manga needs a proper anime remake.
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