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Mami Tomoe Thread:
Gotta show who's best girl.

Since I hit the limit of the last one, might as well make a new one.
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Tapris Thread

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Time to post the best tenshi lads
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support/constructive criticism/advice?

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hey, I am just genuinely trying to get patreon supporters and i'd be very grateful if any of you would consider it.
If you read through my page and don't really feel like having anything to do with it, that's fine, I understand this really isn't a community for this but any support helps me :)

Misaka Mikoto Thread

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Illya thread #1

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Illya thread go!!
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Chihaya Kisaragi

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all reimus desired and welcomed
reimu is cute cute cute
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Magipoka 11th Anniversary

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Its been 11 years since the show aired, lets have a thread to celebrate!
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