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Yui Hirasawa Thread CXC

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Wow look at that fine number! 190 threads for Yui is an amazing feat and makes me very proud! Let's celebrate in the best way we can, with more Yuis!!

Previous thread: >>3146735
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Anime Phone Cases

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Anyone wanna share their anime phone cases and or know good websites to browse them? I'm struggling to find cases I like.

Liru The Werewolf

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Lets continue to share pictures of the best girl in the series and the other princesses shall we?

As promised, here is a link to the Magipoka Manga. I posted it on Megaupload a year or two ago and gave it to a requesting anon but that wasn't the person in the last thread I guess. Sorry! So I decided to post for the first time on e-hentai/exhentai gallery. Hopefully now a little bit of Magipoka love can slowly trickle out everywhere for as long as the site is around. There are more goods I am re-discovering on an old computer that I want to share in the future so NEVER EVER give up hope on more Magical Pokaan!
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Kemono Friends

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Friends are for...
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Medical Theme

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Post nurses/doctors/girls straddling giant syringes/etc.
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More Monika. Without meme's

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More monikute.

Continuing the image dump
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Rolled up sleeves

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I have no idea why I like it so much. Kinda hard to find but whenever I run into it I'm reminded of how adorable it is. it's not even in an ero way at all, it's just so cute. Kinda tomboyish I guess? Hope someone here can empathise.
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Girls doing sports

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Summer is coming around! Post cute summer-related images.
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ITT: Girls with motorcycles, plz
(bicycles are cool too)

Also does anyone have this first image in a higher resolution or know the artist?
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