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Suzumiya Haruhi thread #101

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Info-dump of the series:
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Tanaka Asuka

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No Tanaka Asuka thread?
This is an OUTRAGE!
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Sucy Thread

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Thread for best witch.
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Drawfag thread?

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I know there are drawfag threads on /a/, /e/, /d/, etc. but I think I've only seen one on /c/. Is it okay to post one? I was hoping to not have to sift through hundreds of porno requests and get a specifically /c/ute one started.
I'm not sure how many drawfags we might even have here, but it can't hurt to put out a feeler. I'm sure there are plenty of requesters.
If you must, mods, delete, but it really would be nice to have a board specific draw thread here on /c/!
Postin' what you might expect to get from me specifically if your /r/ interests me, but I'm hoping there will be other artists who would like to join, too!
So . . . let's go?
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Noumi Kudryavka

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Little Best girl thread cont.
Ray of sunshine
Best Key girl
Kudo is olev
I will protect this smile.

Thread #28

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Tamamo Tuesday!

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It's been a while. Lets bring on the fluff.
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Nakano Azusa Thread #25

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Azunyan Thread: Comfy Edition

1/4 of the way to #100!

>Previous thread:
>Previouser threads:

>Discord server:

>Useful links:
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Kanna thread

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I find your lack of Kanna disturbing.
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Sharo Thread

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I think we need a thread for this insecure cutie
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Benio Thread

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Really? No Benio Thread?! Show me all you've got from her <3 she's adorable and deserves more love!
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