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cute/weird anime screenshots

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pls with name of the anime

Accel World
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fantasy armor/weapon

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Cute grills in the fantasy armors, bonus points if she is holding/wielding a reasonably sized sword.
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Catria Thread

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A friend started playing FE Heroes recently, and he likes Catria.

Give me your best Catrias please
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Robot Thread

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Spring General

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I didn't see a spring general thread (then created a thread with no title and deleted it!) so do you wanna?
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Everyone is going on about Zero Two, how about an Ichigo appreciation thread?!
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Satania Thread!

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I want to be Satanist for Satania!
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Kyoko Kirigiri Pics

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Kyoko/Danganronpa Girls Thread
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/can/ thread

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/can/ anniversary thread.

- girls with animals
- girls with animal ears/tails/etc.
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Maid Thread
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