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Hifumi Takimoto

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>when your thread dies
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Volleyball girls

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For some reason I have an obsession with girls who play volleyball. My favourite women's sport! So let's post cute volleyball girls!
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Constanze Braunschbank Albrechtsberger

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For the engineer of the show.
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Yoko Littner Thread

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Can we get a thread going for the best qt?
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Tenryuu thread

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One of the coolest ships to ever grace the fleet!
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Rin Tezuka thread #??

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I haven't see a thread on her in a while.
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Prinz Eugen Thread #10

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Thread dedicated to the best shipgirl of KanColle and the best Pokémon Paras. Paras Eugen.

Who is Prinz Eugen?
How do I get her?
Hope she appears as a drop in an event and pray to the RNG god. Unavailable through other means as of now.

Previous thread:
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Wedding Dresses

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Post girls wearing wedding dresses.
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