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You Watanabe Thread

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Post best idol
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Ohara Mari

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It's joke!
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Japanese clothes

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Kimono, Yukata, Hakama etc.
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Hifumi Takimoto

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Can we get a Hifumi thread?
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Kamiya Shion Thread

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Happy Birthday to our Actress of Seven Faces!
Happy Birthday, Shion!
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Best girl in this January

Chariot thread

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Continuing from >>3005349
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Comfy Thread

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Doesn't matter who, just relaxing and calm images.
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Mugi Thread LXXXVIII

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I've been quite under the weather these last few days - to everyone else affected by this cold, do yourselves a favor.

Make some tea, post Mugi, stay cozy.

Unfortunately, many of us have to brave the elements to make it to work or class - I salute you! But take comfort in knowing there's a warm Mugi Thread waiting for you right here when you get back.

Stay safe out there /c/omrades!

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