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Hoshi Shouko (Syoko) Thread #3

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Cool Shroom Edition

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Nanachi Thread #7

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Remember to ONLY post nice buns
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5toubun no Hanayome #8

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Quints are love. Previous >>3293554
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Cute Lolis

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loli bread
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Koume #46 we go for golden

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Lets close in on 50 like true fan and make this halloween great
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Everybody loves Perrine.
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/c/ is for /c/locks
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Anastasia Thread #25

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post celebration thread!
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Tainaka Ritsu (田井中・律) Thread #114

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-List of archived threads:

-Become a member of the secret Ritsu fan club:

-K-ON! Illustration archives, never before uploaded to the net:

-Tainaka Ritsu image songs in FLAC:

-K-ON! Live Concerts, Let's Go and Come with Me! (with subtitles):

-/c/ discord server of and for cute things:
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yuki nagato thread

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