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Akko Kagari Thread v5 - Winter Edition

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Hey anons! Welcome back to the akko thread! Christmas is just around the corner! Do you have any plans on how you're gonna spend it with your waifu?

This time, let's start off with a bit of discussion!
>When did you discover Akko/LWA?
>What made you drawn towards her? What do you like the most about her?
>Whats the one thing you want to do with her?

Remember, a believing heart is your magic!
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Tachibana Sylphynford Thread

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Madotsuki/Yume Nikki in general

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What about a thread while we wait for the new game reveal? 10 days to go.
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I'm on a quest. A quest to find every single Lapis Lazuli image. Will you help me?
Other gems are also okay I guess I don't know
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last thread hit the image limit, post saber
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Aqua thread

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Retro anime girls

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Let's see some old faces
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Tamamo Thread!

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Magical girl thread

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A tribute to those girls we love
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Tomoe Mami

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Do you like Mami-san?
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