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Last Aqua thread 404'ed
Lets keep the cute posting of best godess going
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Tanya Tuesday

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Bit late
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Ryūko Matoi Thread #76

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I'm starting to feel the signs of Kanna withdrawal please help
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Abyssal Fleet Thread (Kantai Collection/KanColle)

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Post pale cuties in cute summer dresses!
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Mio Akiyama Fan Club #47

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This thread is dedicated to Mio Akiyama from the K-On! series.

Mio is the mature but scaredy-cat
bassist, and second vocalist of the band Ho-kago Tea Time.

The bass player of the Light Music Club. Even though she acts mature, calm and collected most of the time, she freaks out from things she's afraid of, are gross, or pertain to gore. She is a tsundere towards Ritsu, often due to Ritsu's immaturity. Because of her extreme shyness, she chose the bass over the more conspicuous guitar. She is so delicate that merely imagining herself being the center of attention almost makes her faint. She plays the bass quite well. She is kind and warm with others, caring about her friends and knowing they are important to her.

Although she is not altogether uninterested in joining a band outside school, the time she spends with the Light Music Club members is the time she enjoys the most, so she has completely devoted herself to the club, and during the school festival performance in the fall of her first high school year, she acted as lead vocalist instead of Yui, who had lost her voice at that time. It seemed like Mio might have overcome her stage fright, but after the performance ended, she tripped over a cord and fell, exposing her panties, and was traumatized anew.

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cute bellies thread

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don't you wanna take nap on a anime girl's belly?
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Food hair / Ice Cream Hair edits

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I've seen a lot of these randomly so I'm going to post a few and hope others have some as well, idk why I find them cute and funny.

There's a particular mint ice cream one I'm looking for that I don't know how to find. Don't remember which girl it was either..
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This is the one where we post sad or just generally discontent anime girls.
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Crossover Thread

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Missed the boat on the last one, but that's okay!
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