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Remilia Thread

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Help this vampire is too cute
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Rei Ayanami Thread #136

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Lilin Excellence edition

Previous thread: >>3113126
Thread history: https://pastebin.com/CzRNPHvP

Pictures with multiple characters are fine here so long as Rei (Rei Q is not Rei) is in them. Feel free to request any image or theme!
Feel free to chat about Rei and all Rei-related things, from merchandise to your own personal musings about the character!
Discussion is allowed and encouraged. Try to post an image of Rei others might like!
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Little Tenshi plz :)
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Clownpiece Thread

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pls i beg
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Yukari Yakumo

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A thread for everyone's favorite youkai!
Ran and Chen are okay too
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Sakuya thread

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For the best maid in gensoyko
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志摩リン Shima Rin thread.

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Would you accept her curry noodle?

Post images of the tiny cool cutie from Yuru Camp.
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K-On! Thread #42.5

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>Dead too soon!

How much does /c/ like K-On?
>Ichigo Parfait ga Tomara nai

>K-ON! Music History's Box (aka the whole 13 disc soundtrack) + Disc 14 (all Instrumentals) in one rar file.

>5GB collection of high quality screenshots:
Click "Download as ZIP" in the top right to download the whole thing (it will take a while!)

>The K-On movie art archive was recently dumped online for the first time ever too
(Thanks to the anon!)

>Discord server

Previous thread
>>3069559 (You) (Cross-thread)
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Tokisaki Kurumi Thread

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Anime Bookworms

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Gimme sum nerdy girls reading
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