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Cute girls with an ear for music need more love. All instrumentalists welcome. (Although I expect this thread will get filled up with guitarists.)
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Pop Team Epic/Poputepipikku thread

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Honoka Yukishiro

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Making this because she kinda reminds me of altar girl from church I used to go

I really like her eyebrows
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Rem #7

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The 7th thread from zero.
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Mami Tomoe Thread

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Let's share our love and our cute pics of our best girl Tomoe Mami-san. Previous thread >>3108247
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Ojamajo Doremi

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The last thread was absolutely great, and I didn't get the chance to properly thank the translator of the nice doujin that was posted.
So I'm thanking you now.

Anyway, this is a great show so let's have another thread.
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last thread hit image limit, post saber
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Satania's SECOND Thread! ST2!

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A Satania a day keeps the Devil at bay!

Our previous thread
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Akari~n #78

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I wasnt home and couldnt bump edition..

We have a guy that does webms if you have a request!

Old thread: >>3107215

Ill continue the numbering since the combination of posts from the other two are enough i suppose and its mostly to keep my autism down anyway
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Ryoko Asakura thread pt.2

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Part 1:

As with before, bonus points to AU versions!
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