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Sakura Kyouko Thread #35

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Makise Kurisu

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New Thread.

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Sakura Chiyo-chan!

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Not Prinz Eugen.
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Rwby thread

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Do you guys count rwby as an anime?
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Diana Cavendish Thread

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Also currently shes Trigger #1 Best Girl, even beating Akko on official LWA character popularity poll.
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Kanbaru Suruga

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Let's have a thread for the underappreciated best girl.
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Medea Thread

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Megumin Thread #9

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Post ur cutest Megumin arts!
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Cyclops/Monoeye Thread #15 - End of Summer Edition

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General info: (updated!)

Its the 10th day of September but, well, last thread maxed out.

Hope you all had a good summer. Lets make the rest of 2017 good!
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Love Live #8

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Love Live! and Love Live! Sunshine!! Thread, PDP and SIF Normal card girls are also OK! Let's keep going! As always, all girls welcome~!

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