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Koshimizu Sachiko Thread

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The cutest thread

old thread
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Eyewear is jewellery.
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Akari~n #70

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What time is it edition?

We have a guy that does webms if you have a request!
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Yukata thread

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Can we have a thread for cute girls in yukatas?
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Here Be Vocals v18

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Newly Legal Edition
Previous Thread: >>2823495
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I'm going to divine /c/'s future....

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I predict a Urara Meirochou thread!

Seriously though, am I the only one watching this? I am shocked that I haven't seen it posted about on /c/ at all.
If you ask me, it's the most /c/ anime airing this entire season, except for maybe Nyanko Days, which is two minutes long per episode.

ITT post some of those lovely ladies from Labyrinth Town.
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Tamamo no Mae thread!

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Where happiness and love come to thrive!
Tamamo is Love! Tamamo is Life! Yay for the cutest fox girl!

(also the crash messed up the last one, and we can't have a mess here)
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Karen Kujou / Kinmoza UltraThread #2

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Apart we are weak, but together we are strong! Come together, allies of the kinpatsu, so our thread may last as long as others in the realm!
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Krul Tepes

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Help me fill my Krul folder please
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Megumin Thread #3

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Let's post some cute bakuretsu's!

Last thread: >>2826546
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