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Netflix raising prices for 58M US subscribers as costs rise

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>Hulu and Amazon lowering theirs prices
>meanwhile Netflix raising theirs after cancelling Daredevil
At least we still have Big mouth right and bandersnatch?


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will Ronaldo ever get back with his gf?
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Should 'Collabs' start screening their animators?

For every animation which took a great level of effort and thought. There is around three which are just farted out and either relying on memes or 'lol fart poop' jokes.
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How does a board dedicated to comics and cartoons have so little OC?

Martian Manhunter #2 Storytime

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Didn’t see a thread for it
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Now that the dust has long since settled, I have to ask which is better ?
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Why arent the japs fans of /co/? They only like animu
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What's the Urusei Yatsura of /co/?
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Are you waiting for a hiatus to end, /co/?
I am personally waiting for Tangled: The Series and Summer Camp Island to continue.
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