A new search server has been setup. Multiple terabytes of hard disk storage was also installed.

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J. Jonah Jameson finally got that son of a bitch
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So the super villains in the Venture Bro, they're just a bunch of LARPers with a large bank account with a huge ego, aren't they.
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What do you want to see in "Miraculous Ladybug" season 3?

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I want to see an episode where a character is Akumatized during their date with someone mid-way, but the non-Akumatized date does something truly alarming & unexpected.

The date falls for the Akuma, aids and abets her to try to win her heart, and ends up being jailed as a willing accomplice of hers. He can't say it was the Akuma making him do it, he chose this.
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Chapter 73: Fresh Start

Ultimate Marvel in chronological order by page/panel.

Download link:https://mega.nz/#F!VOp31DgB!aaoXWZsJghKusZOZH8HW8g

Previous threads:https://pastebin.com/7muZgPny
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Stormbreaker - The Saga of Beta Ray Bill Storytime

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Perfect match, nothing more.
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Ballmastrz new episodes

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Episodes 5 and 6 are up on the Adult Swim website and are free to watch until the episodes air on cable on Sunday night. What did I think of them?

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>That man is the real Seymour Skinner
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I want some reaction images

Show me your favs /co/
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Now that the hype and nostalgia is gone, lets be honest, was it good?
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