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>Spider-Man letting a criminal go, a murderer no less, instead of stopping him when he has the chance
How is this acceptable? I guess he learned nothing from Uncle Ben's death.
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*snaps* Yes!

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Why isn't he treated as an antagonist rather than someone neutral?

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>300 issues
Jesus Christ. What are the best runs lads?
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If Infinity War ends with Thanos snapping his finger and it cuts to black , would you be pissed off?

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Where the FUCK are the Spoilers and Leaks for Infinity War? Like, actual spoilers and leaks and not some shitty fanfiction someone wrote in 20 minutes.
The movie premieres in 5 fucking days, it's literally impossible that nothing has managed to leak in some way
What the fuck are the Russo doing to keep this so secretive?

Thor Villains

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I think Thor's Rogue gallery is on the same level as Batman or Spider-Man's. They vary from cosmic gods, mythological tales, super science aliens to street level villains who just rob banks, and some of his best stories are just people questioning what it means for him to be a god.

And screw the Doomfag's, Loki is better in every day. He is just as master schemer so that even when he loses he wins something, but he has the personality that he can interact with any part of the Marvel universe and it's not out of place. He can reinvent his character much better (Kid Loki >>>> Invincible Iron Man). Even his time travel stories are far better than Doom's.

>Fav Thor Villains? Or under rated Thor Villains?
>what villain should be reformed?
>villain that has been ruined inb4 Gorr, he was never that great
>Karnilla's best hat
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ITT: Overrated comics

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I find it needlessly pretentious, it acts like it has some deep meanigful things ta say, but it really doesn't. It's pretty straightforward and simplistic, with huge leaps in logic and nonsense full of rape and gore.
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Can we at least agree the character designs are good?
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