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>he thinks stan created spiderman
Is he literally retarded?
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Is it just me or has this board become completely unbearably retarded recently? it seems like over the last few weeks especially theres been an influx of fucking idiots, retards who only kno how to do console war bullshit, and some of the most brain dead stupid special needs motherfuckers who cant understand simple statements and questions. What the fuck is happening.
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Recent Purchases/ Shelf Thread

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What new shit have you bought?
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ITT old comic book ads

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Black Hammer, an Indie Comic, Gets a Major Film and TV Deal

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BLACK WIDOW Character Breakdowns

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>MAIN ANTAGONIST (Male, 40s, Open ethnicity): "Exciting".

>SECONDARY ANTAGONIST (Female, 50s, Open ethncity): "Conniving".

>SUPPORTING FEMALE #1 (Mid 20s to early 30s, open ethnicity): A contemporary of Black Widow. A kick-ass female James Bond.

>SUPPORTING MALE #1 (Mid 20s to early 30s, open ethnicity. African, Middle Eastern or East Indian actors favored): A contemporary of Black Widow. A skilled Intelligence operative.

>SUPPORTING FEMALE #2 (50s, European Caucasian).

>SUPPORTING MALE #2 (50s, European Caucasian).

>SUPPORTING MALE #3 (30s, Open ethnicity): A bookish American.

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Buy Duff Beer

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/co/ honest opinion of Seth Macfarlane. Say what you want about his style of comedy but he fucking made it. He lived out our dream. We all want to break into the animation indutry and not only did Seth do it, but he became an A List celebrity too. He's made movies, hosted the fucking Oscars and put out albums. Not to mention the guy is a hell of a voice actor.

He started out writing on the early days of Cartoon Network on shows like Johnny Bravo to being a household name. He's living our dream. I have nothing but respect for Seth Macfarlane.
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Elsa & Anna

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Why are they amazing female characters?
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