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>England has a place for you...

It was originally just the Nemo trilogy,
But I thought it'd be more fun to expand.
Re-arrange what I could and put it in order.
Here, in a slight timeline, is the world of fiction...

This is-
Moore and O'Neill's: League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
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Superman and Maxima

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Why isn't a Superman and Maxima paring? There's a lot of story there.
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There's a new book coming out for the Homestuck series. Say something nice to it.
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Why has marvel been so shit post 2011?
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ITT post your favorite page from any comic book.
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anyone else excited for Comic Kino? the reviews have been great
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Ruby Gloom thread no Irises allowed

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How are the French so patrician?
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You know what Marvel needs right now? That's right, Jay! Another damn post-apocalyptic alternate future!
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What an absolute waist of fucking time.
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