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Fever dream /co/ flicks

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Those /co/ shows and movies you could have sworn you imagined. Lets see if we can dig up some repressed memories, /co/.

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Favorite episode of Season 21?
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I don't care if RWBY is good or not,just give me a rundown the waifus
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/co/ shit that legitimately made you cry

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>tfw realized what he sings here is like a lullaby and what he probably singed to his son
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>We will never get a Dragonball/Superman Cross over where Goku wants to fight the strongest heroes of the DC universe for no other reason than the fun of it
I don't give a shit about Supes vs Goku debates, it would just be fun as hell to see these 2 characters interact.
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Squirrel and Hedgehog

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MondoTV dropped the english and spanish dubs of the North Korean propaganda cartoon Squirrel and Hedgehog retitled "Bravest Soldiers. Yes this is a real english dub for the first 26 episodes(before the foxgirl is introduced you sickfucks).

backup just incase:!esUXBKAJ!mxVIy-fTNrVRoEXXXYtkUA



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ITT: Anons and Femanons Record Comics & Cartoon-related Material for myriad reasons


Do Requests, read whatever is up here, or find things in the links to practice
Post scripts, comic dialogue, panels, pages or text you would like to hear read.
Post requests for things you want to read
Give good, constructive feedback to those who ask for it.
Ask for advice from VA's if they appear
Give advice if you have it
Have fun!

Most Importantly,
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Academy Award Nominated Animated Shorts

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Who here has watched the Oscar nominated Animated Shorts? It's basically the only category that I care about anymore. I just saw them all at a theater yesterday. I'd recommend all of them, because they're all pretty short except for "Revolting Rhymes", which was probably my favorite, and you can watch both parts of it on Netflix. "Lou" will win, though.
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Incredibles 2

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You hype?
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