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Which Transformers cartoon is your favorite?
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Why are those so few rabbit based capeshit characters?
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>so soft...
>punches her

what did Julia Pott mean by this?
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Have you fellas ever create an OC and thought "What in God's holy name was I thinking?!"

If so then share it here. Let us judge your abomination
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Adult versions of Mary, Freddie, and the diversity kids added to “Shazam”

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Freddie Freeman: Adam Brody

Mary Bromfield: Michelle Borth

Eugene Choi: Ross Butler

Pedro Peña: DJ Cotrona

Meagan Good: Darla Dudley

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>It's a "the characters play dungeons and dragons" episode

Is DnD really that popular?
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I love Cho's art style. But, why do all his female faces look identical?
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Anyone else bothered by the fact that Finn didn't grow a single inch from being a 12 to 17 years old and how every single humanoid girl tower over him?
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/co/'s Greatest Theme Song of All Time Tournament: Nominations

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My last tournament (CN vs. Nick vs. Disney) went very well, so I'm going to go with this often-suggested bracket now. Here's how nominations work:

To nominate a theme song, please name what show it is and include a link to it if possible. Do NOT nominate more than one song in a single post. Any post that nominates more than one will be ignored without exception. If you approve of a nomination and want it to be in the tournament, reply to the post nominating it. When a post gets 5 replies, I'll put it on the list. My goal is to have 64 theme songs for this bracket, but we could have more if more get nominated. Important note: Any replies of any kind will count towards it getting added. If you reply to a nomination with "lol shit taste," congrats, you helped put it in the bracket.
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