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Has a comic or cartoon ever changed your life?
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Is this the only movie where a dance party ending was appropriate?
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Post best versions of a character
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Put together a team of 5 Guardians of the Galaxy.

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Only 5. They must be directly related to the Marvel Cosmic, none of this Iron Man or The Thing Bendis bullshit.

My Choices:

Leader: Star-Lord

1st Mate: Time-Displaced Martinex

Weapons Expert: Rocket Raccoon

Healer/Psychic: Mantis

Lancer: Bug
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The Mighty Captain Marvel #5 Storytime

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>Henri Ducard was the Shadow all along

Are twists like this clever or just cheap?
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Sure it was the 90s but did constantine really have to say this?
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See /co/ this is your problem

You want one HUGE woman when you could have multiple smaller ones
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Teaser for Netflix's Castlevania series written by Warren Ellis
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