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You're not still mad about this are you /co/?
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>I can't help but feel like Neo Yokio is about to explode.

Of all the references I expected, the American trailer for Akira was not one one of them. Neat!
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TMNT 2012 Finale Discussion

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It finally ended. Yesterday Nicktoons aired the last three episodes of this show.
Thoughts about the finale?
The Wasteland Warrior:
The Impossible Desert:
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Toonami General #3

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Can someone here PLEASE rip this DVD set???
I've been searching high and low for these cartoons. It's already out and I can't find them anywhere. Not even pirate sites have them.
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Who are the cutest /co/ girls?
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>characters have children
>they look like kid versions of said characters with swapped hair color/eyes

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Is this actually popular?
Netflix picked it up for a second season but nickelodeon opted not to.
I don't think I've ever seen any merch related to it in stores or heard anyone talking about it besides /co/ last year

Is the studio's lther project zakstorm any good?
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anyone got a link to Age of Apocalypse?

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saw the movie on dvd the other day, and recently one of marvel's mobile games had an event involving this story and i got interested? could anyone help me find some site to read this storyline, or better yet, storytime it?
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Who would you rather, /co/?