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Does anyone else kind of hate she. After the whole bike cuck ordeal

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>people don't like your new comic
>can't believe that people don't like your new comic
>blame the hate you are getting on libertarians (for some reason)
>realize it wasn't just libertarians and break down on twitter whining about how it ant fun to do comics anymore
>continues to blame his own unhappiness on everyone but himself

It's a damn shame. I used to love his comics when I was depressed and in a similar position to him. But after I realized that to obtain happiness I had to work for it, I stopped following his comics. After this comic blew up it just reminded me how pathetic that mindset is. I wish I could go back to the days where I could actually enjoy Shens comics but I just can't.
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Why is he so perfect?
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The future was looking bleak, but our boy made it.
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What if they're dead?
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The Best Publisher in Comics

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Who is the best major comics publisher and why is it Image?

Image>Dark Horse=DC>Marvel>IDW
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X-Men TAS - Will it ever be remastered?

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So what are the chances of ever getting a better quality release? Batman TAS is getting a remastered blu-ray release.... surely X-Men could get the same one day?

Anastasia turned 20 today. Say something nice about her.

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inb4 anyone shitposts about the historical Anastasia
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The absolute state of DC

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Is he going to get weinstein'd in the next season?
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Is it irresponsible for teenagers to be written having sexual relation in comics?