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Ahsoka is the best jedi because?
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ok so let me get this straight
>batman doesnt kill villians or criminals
>cause he thinks that makes you another murderer
>also court should decide on punishment and not a hero
>there are other heroes who have opposite opinion
>there are heroes who killed some of their villians cause they had to
>batman knows about many of them
>batman doesnt do anything about those "murderers"
>so its ok to kill somebody if you are a superhero and you fight a villian
>batman wont do shit about it
>but he wont kill joker himself
>he wont feel any remorse when joker does another murder spree after breaking from arkham
>batman is a retard
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When I'm done with the first chapter , should I post on Webtoons or somewhere else?

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Also, what do you look for in mangas/comics
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Anyone else wish they could see the full storyboards of the tame collars version of Zootopia?
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Movie Mavis or animated series Mavis?
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She’s gonna be alright right?

Also Cheesecake Thread
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>first episode to air since Hillenburg’s death
>it’s complete and utter asswipe
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Art Thread/Work on your Art

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Have you been practicing? Be sure to post what you've been working on and improvements you've made. You're going to do great this year!
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