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Academy Award Nominated Animated Shorts

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Who here has watched the Oscar nominated Animated Shorts? It's basically the only category that I care about anymore. I just saw them all at a theater yesterday. I'd recommend all of them, because they're all pretty short except for "Revolting Rhymes", which was probably my favorite, and you can watch both parts of it on Netflix. "Lou" will win, though.
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Incredibles 2

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You hype?
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Comic edits thread.
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Marvel Phase 4

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Okay, here's the deal. You get to design the line up for Marvel Phase 4. I will give you 6-8 slots to fill, no more, no less. You must include a Spider-Man sequel and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 because they're already confirmed. Go!
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What does the future hold for Pacifica Northwest?
She isn't so sure!
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>Finn: Thanks for seeing us off guys.
>Princess Bubblegum: Yeah, of course, it's my boat.

What the fuck is wrong with these dialogues? 8 seasons in and she cares about some fucking boat more than anything else. What's the reason for this, am I missing something?
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ITT-only the sexiest beaner waifus
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What does /co/ think about Blinding Bangs?
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Gotham Girls

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I never watched these shorts until just now. They're hilarious! They're also on youtube but there are some great moments in the flashes that you don't get in videos.

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in a galaxy fraught with catastrophe, what is it that comes between you and freedom
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