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are you a real villain /co/?
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Could any /co/ characters defeat Yamcha?

MODS Don't Like Anti Black Panther Movie Posts

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Notice that the threads that are against the Black Panther movie are getting deleted real fast?
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>mary sues your show

bande dessinée

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Okay so after hearing razorfist screaming about how anime ripped off french comic books for the fiftieth time, I decided to give frog comics a try.

Each time I tried I regretted it. If it's not tintin or bumbar or asterisk and obelisk, its an excuse of stye over substance. Basically "oh wow, some armadillo aliens landed in a planet. They just bumped into a hole. The end".

Any advice on where to start with frog comics?
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Why is Hulk going on rampage ever a problem? SHIELD could easily adopt over a dozen puppies and parachute them onto Hulk's location.


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How deep does the rabbit hole go?
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Did you like it?
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What boards does Ronnie browse?