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Newspaper Comic Strips

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What are some you read/used to read?

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Looking back on this era of Superman 2 things stuck out to me.

1. They killed off the main Superman, AND IT STUCK.

2. Silver Age Supergirl is still wandering around the new universe, maybe they can make her the new Power Girl.
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>bust your ass working on a cartoon, putting in 16 hour days sometimes
>sleep in your office
>have to fight network meddling the whole time
>autists on /co/ spend all day making threads shitting on you and your hard work and toil because your personal ship didn't become canon and, shock, a Disney cartoon didn't contain explicit sex scenes with underage characters
>nobody actually cared about the plot or mysteries or anything, just this crap
Is there any cartoon creator who's gotten a more raw deal than him?
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Have we had our fill of political shit-flinging yet? Of course not, where do you think we are?

Movieblob made some videos about this Apu business. Whatever you think of the guy he does have some good insights


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ITT: THOSE vehicles
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>best character gradually becomes the worst character

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What are some good spy comics?

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For me, it's Jack Kirby, the GOAT
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Pooh's Adventures Thread