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Did the fanbase ruin Adventure Time?
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ITT: Characters who look better without pants.
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hurry /co/, claim your waifu

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*squeek squeek*
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Best Comic of 2018?

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The year's almost over. What has been your favourite/the best comic of the year? I would personally give it to X-Men Grand Design: Second Genesis, with Mister Miracle a close second
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>people are actually trying to justify this
And they said paid shills aren’t a real thing. I don’t care how much your friend worked on this, this show is cancer and it’s shitiness won’t change just because you came all the way from tumblr to try and convince people how YASSSS ra is good.
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Why am I supposed to hate this comic?
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Spider-Man 2 > Spider-Man Homecoming > Spider-Man > Spider-Man 3 > The Amazing Spider-Man > The Amazing Spider-Man 2
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>movie is called Ralph Breaks the Internet
>Ralph isn't even on the center of the poster

How bad is this going to be?
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What did she mean by this?
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