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What was YOUR favorite part of the trip?

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Why is spiderman the most normalfag superhero? What makes normies claim they love spiderman?

Nu She-Ra thread

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Alright /co/, I've watched the first two episodes just now. And the show is just like I expected - pretty mediocre, but not fucking terrible.

The artstyle goes from mediocre to jarringly bad time to time (although I do like the background art and aesthetic a lot), the animation is decent in some places, altough I have some questioning over the shots they directed and the plot is a typical "protag-works-for-evil-team-but-finds-out-that-evil-team-is-actually-evil-so-protag-joins-opposite-team-who-is-seemingly-good-compared-to-the-evil-team" story.

Overall, the pilot was ok and intrigued me enough to want to see wtf they'll do next. So I'll watch it more.

Also, post some Trap-ra
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In your opinion /co/, what has lead to DC's demise in the industry? Was it Jim and Dan's fault for wrangling control away from Geoff, so they could kill Rebirth and do New 52 2.0? Was it Dan's fault for bringing Bendis on board, along with other individuals from Marvel? How long do you think DC will run before they inevitably reboot their universe due to the disastrous storytelling mistakes they've been making? How long do you foresee DC lasting in this climate with their new boss wanting synergy and comics for kids? I mean, they've already turned the DC Black Label into a reprint hub, for example.
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Well, /co/?
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Brie Larson as Captain Marvel

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/co/ honest opinion of Seth Macfarlane. Say what you want about his style of comedy but he fucking made it. He lived out our dream. We all want to break into the animation indutry and not only did Seth do it, but he became an A List celebrity too. He's made movies, hosted the fucking Oscars and put out albums. Not to mention the guy is a hell of a voice actor.

He started out writing on the early days of Cartoon Network on shows like Johnny Bravo to being a household name. He's living our dream. I have nothing but respect for Seth Macfarlane.
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Best Batman DETECTIVE stories

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Batman has many monikers. Caped Crusader, Masked Manhunter, The Dark Knight... but the one I'm interested in is World's Greatest Detective.

What are the best Batman stories that are structured like detective mysteries? Not the one where Bat simply chases and beats up bad guys, or ones where he's led on a wild goose chase by the villains - the ones where he investigates a crime using deductive reasoning, including but not limited to whodunnit murder mysteries.

I've recently read Made of Wood (bundled with The Man Who Laughs) and I absolutely loved it, what are other Batman stories like that?

From what I understand, New52 Detective Comics run focused on detective work. Any other recommendations?

I will also accept recs for Batman stuff outside comics, for example for detective-focused episodes of Batman cartoons and stuff. But I don't care about recs for non-detective Batman stuff as that's really easy to find.
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