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what was his fucking problem?
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ITT: We discuss rape in /co/mics and cartoons

>Does it add depth to the character? Has a rape story even been written well?

>If you favorite super hero or heroine were raped, how would that change them in your opinion?
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Female characters

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Why do writers insist on making female characters devoid of any personality? The only time they exist is to serve as the love interest / waifu to the male protagonist or to make him look like a blithering idiot in comparison. Female characters are always devoid of any eccentricity that makes their male counterparts so interesting. For some reason writers have had it in their minds for the past 20 years to always make the main female character an example of responsibility, practicality, and intelligence. I would say it's extreme waifufagging but it's probably pandering to feminists at the same time.

Anyway it would be nice to see a female character be written in the same vein as someone like Ren for instance.
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>Parody is cuter than the original

Whats her name /co/?
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Could Batman beat Jack?

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how bad do you think the Captain Marvel movie will be /co/?

Obviously they will draw inspiration from the recent comic runs so keep that in mind.
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Why are modern animators so lazy even though they get paid more compared to the other days?
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I want more crowdsourcing of concept of a male sidekick of Wonder Woman please!
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