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What do you think they'll do on Friday night for April Fools?
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What character would you have as a personal maid?
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Gay thread

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Post your homo qts
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Does it particularly bother anyone just how fucking often Jack is reduced to fighting in his underwear?
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Why can't cape movies just die or at least go back to a pre-2000 model where there was one every couple of years instead of 5 every year? I really want this trend to end so that normies move on to ruin something else and comic companies stop relying on synergy to sell comic books?
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Anyone in here like Awful Hospital?
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According to Wikipedia, the first "major" Archie story is Love Showdown which was written in the 90s. Are all the Archie comics before that really worthless? Should I just read Love Showdown then move on to Waid's run?
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Obscure villains story time - Polka dot edition

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Come in and escape the shitflinging of the recent spiderman trailer, and hide from the masses of Samurai Jack threads to enjoy so good old comics featuring obscure villains.

I'm happy to take requests from DC, Marvel and 2000AD, permitted i have a torrent for them.

As always a (you) and some conversation makes story timing a lot more fun.
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Goofy Movie thread?
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Avatar ultimate red pill

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The aircaust never happened. The airbender traps were fabricated, they all escaped and race-mixed with the population. Ozai only wanted to share superior culture and tecnology with the world. Water savages are responsible for most crimes in Republic City despite being the minority. Sand benders aren't the 'culture of peace'. Kuvira did nothing wrong; the earth nation was objectively in a worst situation without her, and she had support even from people in Republic City. There were no concentration camps. Azula is best girl.

If you think otherwise you're more cucked than Zuko.
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