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>count me in....TEAM

How did she get away with this?

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Chuck Jones

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What's the best cartoon he made?
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Can we Get a nother Dredd Thread running?

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More Hershey pics

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>We live in a world where a Aquaman movie makes a billion dollars
>A standalones venom movie saved Sony shared spider-man universe
I have a feeling The Joker movie will pull in Deadpool 1 numbers. I wouldn’t be surprised if joker broke some R rated movie record. Hell Joaquin Phoenix joker already more popular than Jared Leto joker.
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Sonic was never good, /co/ edition.
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where's my daily female deceptiwaifu thread mothefucker?
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Reign of Supermen (2019)

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I just watched this movie, and I am happy I did. As such, I come here to share with you the link, because I am also a link whore and us link whores should be share.


The animation in the DCAMU is a bit better, still cheap Korean, but the story more than makes for it. Peter Tomasi I miss your run on Superman, at least you gave us this two movies that are just great.

Meanwhile, I take this moment to call for a minute of silence for our boy Jon Kent, currently being savagely ravaged by Bendis. Editorial have mercy on his soul.
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>That episode where Arthur finds Grandpa Dave's collection of Nazi paraphernalia.
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