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Do you think there will be a Webkinz Nick Jr. Cartoon in the future? Webkinz is a property for young kids after all
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>Joker isn't canon in love with Bruce, or at least isn't admitting it to his face
I'm a little sad honestly
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ITT : Permanent changes that would have made a show better

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Not even waifubaiting, just funnier situations could have happened.

But by all means draw porn
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Guy Gardner Storytime

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Guy Gardner Storytime
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Dipper was right. Summer had to end.
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God, what a load of fuss over something animators have been doing for years
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Who is the most forgotten?
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ITT: non-/co/ properties in need of a /co/ adaptation, and whether comic or cartoon is better. I'd pay good money for a comic of MtG, especially if they can get Guay/Nielsen on pencils.
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What are some Superheroes women can never understand?
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