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Did you watch and enjoy Maggie and the Ferocious Beast /co/?
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Why was Lord Zed so over the top grotesque when primarily children consume the content that he’s featured in?
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animaniacs comic storytime

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its time to see if the comics are as funny as the episodes from the TV show
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Nobody storytimed Street Fighter vs. Darkstalkers #8 last week, so we're doing this right now.
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there will be no hetero sex of relationship scenes.

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DB is /co/ right?

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What was the point of bringing Goku Back after the Cell Saga?
The entire point at the end was to show that they don't need Goku to defend the earth any more since they all worked together to defeat Cell. They even had a "Goodbye Goku" montage at the end.
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is he right?
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‘Black Panther’ Smashes Records With $218 Million at Holiday Weekend Box Office

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>The film’s estimated three-day gross of $192 million is the highest debut ever for a February film and the fifth highest of all time. Combined with an estimated international debut of $169 million from 69% of the international market, the estimated global debut stands at $361 million through Sunday.

I think the only question now is if Black Panther crosses the billion dollar mark or not. It's on pace to, doing slightly better than Civil War did at this point. I have to imagine Black Panther 2 is already greenlight and Feige is working right now trying to get Coogler the Kraven the Hunter rights.
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Jenny missed Valentines day, is it okay if she makes it up to you anon?
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