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uplifting slow paced plot/twist filled cartoon/movies?

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ive gone through mental trauma and i was thinking good cartoon/movies could contribute to fixing that, know any with good plot/twists thats not so damned fast paced or badly drawn without shitty meme jokes?

i cant look at flash drawn shit like mlpfim, teen titans/go, or any comic book hero shows/movies.

more into stuff about magic/forests/beaches
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>magically powered by mystical gem
Pick one.
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What was Alex's problem with Pacifica?
Why did he have such a raging hate-boner for her?
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How could Michael Jackson sing on Lisa's birthday if, being 8 in 20187, she was born after MJ died?

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So I just caught up on this. Holy shit are they really going the "We didn't know" route?

Is their big Inhumans vs. X-Men crossover going to come down to MISCOMMUNICATION.
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>What /co/ character could beat Frank Reynolds in a fight?
So the other day we had a thread about who would win in a fight between Frank Reynolds from Sunny and Carl Brutananadilewski from ATHF. It was unanimously agreed that Carl would die.
But now it's time for round two:
Assume that Frank only has his toe knife and the character in question has stolen his Rum Ham
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/swco/ - Star Wars Comics & Cartoons

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LAAT Edition

>Upcoming Releases:

>Coming out This Week:
The Book of Hondo (March 33)

>Rebels 3.20/21: "Zero Hour" Parts 1 and 2!6kczUR6L!03HhW1zTC92RQPHlO3Yi0w

>Rebels Recon: Zero Hour

>Download links: (Check here for new Rebels Episodes + Books, Comics, Films, etc)
>Canon Guide: [Embed]

>Legends Recommendation List:
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You are tasked with making a new marvel superhero.

brand new, no spinoffs or reboots. but it must be within the established marvel universe, meaning no creating extra dimensions or planets or things like that.

what would you do /co/??
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Questionable /Co/ntent General #893

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so why are they leaving the Robot Fighting League again? Not-Bubblegum ran away so it's not like Faye and Not-Garnet are fired anymore