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What are some good vampire comics? I recently finished Tomb of Dracula but I'd like more recommendations, from any company not just Marvel.

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I cannot think of a single comic that has ever suffered more from delays than the John Wick miniseries.

The entire mini had practically become a running joke before the first issue even came out, due to it being delayed something like half a dozen times over the course of 2 months.

But that's nothing compared to the absolute clusterfuck that has happened since.

John Wick #2 has been delayed... Fuck, I'm gonna try to go over this as best as I can remember, so bear with me. First they said that the remaining issues of the miniseries would come out in successive months following the release of the first issue. Then that got changed to "we're going to release ALL of the remaining issues ON THE SAME DAY a few months after the first issue". Then that became "uh... we'll get around to releasing the other issues eventually". Then THAT was changed so that #2 actually had a release date, MONTHS after #1 had come out, but then THAT was almost immediately cancelled and it fell back into "indefinite delay" territory. Eventually after 1 or 2 more delays, it got a release date, which might or might not have then been delayed multiple times again, I can't even be bothered to care enough to remember anymore at this point.

But the important part is that it's here. About a half year after issue #1, but still IT ACTUALLY FUCKING CAME OUT. No word on the other issues as far as I can tell, and I honestly expect that this series will console sometime after the apocalypse, but who knows. Maybe we'll get lucky.

So, anyway, this is Greg Pak and Giovanni Valletta's moderately entertaining prequel (and origin story!) of the John Wick films. AND IT SURE TOOK LONG ENOUGH FFS

Since I doubt anyone even remembers then first issue, here's a link to a storytime of it:

And now...


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This is your mexican spiderman
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What are some GOOD modern comics with a female lead? I haven't read anything american since Amazing Spider-man some 10-15 years ago. Gwenpool looks interesting, is that a good choice?

Bonus points - pretty colors
I've been reading black/white stuff for years and I want change.
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What's the complete reading order for this - including tie-ins, Starlin's Surfer, etc.?

Every list I see seems to be totally half-assed, and the omnibus goes out of its way to fuck up the order - which is understandable, but an annoyance nonetheless.
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What's with the meme that Hickman is a huge Doomfag? I just read his entire Fantastic Four and his Doom was a complete jobber who needs to everyone's help in nearly every story beat. What am I missing here?! Is he wanked in Secret Wars or something?
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Happy Earth-chan day!
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Where did everything go so wrong?

What is responsible for the state of modern animation?
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You can read the other 2 issues here:

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