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This is what Stan Lee will be remembered for
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This is honestly one of the most under rated cartoons of the last few decades. How did it get away with so much?
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NEW Episode for the BEST Homestar series

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Do they...you know...
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Doug taught an entire generation to grow up to be weak, pathetic, beta, s.o.y.b.o.y.s., and that obsessing over a woman that you have put on a pedestal is somehow good and virtuous
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It's up

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why dont weebs care about the superior art quality (color, detail, style) of american comics? what makes makes cringey animu bitches printed on toilet paper so much better?
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ITT: complete monsters

>I’m going to destroy a bunch of ordinary people’s lives in a way that gives them exceptional powers. And then I’m going to indoctrinate them into my unquestioned obedience. Sooner or later, they’ll love me as the father they never had.

ITT: Ships you fully 100% support

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I'll start.
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