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Superman: Secret Origin

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ITT: Animation appreciation

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It's really cool, isn't it? Post what you like about the medium itself.
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Donut Steel thread

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Post your OCs.

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The following directors have turned down THE FLASH.

>Phil Lord & Chris Miller.
>Seth Grahame-Smith.
>Rick Famuyiwa.
>James Wan.
>Sam Raimi.
>Marc Webb.
>Matthew Vaughn.
>Robert Zemeckis.
>Allegedly Tim Miller.
>Allegedly Jordan Peele.

Who is there that can steer this movie? Rumor has it Warner is now eyeing Michael Bay. Could he pull it off?
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Is she the only legacy character to utterly obliterate the memory of the original incarnation?
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>Show called Runaways
>Based on a comic called Runaways about teenagers who are runaways from home
>The characters aren't runaways


Donald Duck storytimes

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just a classic story of Carl Barks "The Ghost of the Grotto" from 1947.
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Telltale Batman Season 2 Epidode 3

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are we allowed to talk about this on here
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