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So, this was a thing.

Has anyone else read this comic? It's a two-volume series about a young shaman who has to follow in the footsteps of Genghis Khan. The art's fantastic, and the story feels really significant. Significant of what, I couldn't say.

I'm a little ambiguous about it, because I felt like I was missing the finer details, but it was great. (Which is weird, because I found Monstress to be significantly more vulgar and to make significantly less sense.)

If Adventure Time got rebooted

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In an earlier thread an anon asked how /co/ would want an AT reboot to be like and what you would like for the reboot to fix from the original.

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any other comics about getting your shit together ?
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Can we get a Turok thread going? I'm feeling nostalgic. Discussion or story-time? What are some of the best runs and from which publishers? Any favorite story arcs? Were you like me, a child in the 90's, and played the Turok video games before you knew they were comics? I had no idea that he's been around since the 1950s!

Also, it's been rumored that the director of "Kong: Skull Island" would be interested in a Turok movie. Based on that film, do you think it would be any good?

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What exactly was so bad about this shredder? Sure he looked like a transformer but he felt as threthening as the one from 2003, sure beats the hell out of the lame ones from the nickelodeon cartoon or the Out of the shadows movie
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Black Panther just Outgrossed The Avengers domestically and made another $169 million Overseas from only 69% of its foreign markets. 1 billion is all but confirmed.
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If you could perfectly emulate ANY style of a co series, which would you want to do the most?

>Draw so much on model porn that it tricks thousands into thinking its secret drawings by the staff of the cartoon.

Pic unrelated
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