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""""""""""plot holes"""""""""" that only casuals believe

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"Why does the public that hates Mutants approve of Spider-Man?"
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In the panel of daddy Johns they were giving this pins
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Press F to pay respects

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We lost the most valuable and attractive character in the sonic series recently, so let us have a thread to commemorate him.

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ITT: Possible relationship moments

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Times when characters were teased to hook up
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Who wins, /co/?

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Where should I start if I want to get into the lone ranger?

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>Disney will be closing down The Great Movie Ride in August 2017
>to replace it with the first ever Mickey Mouse themed ride
I don't know how to feel about this
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Storytime of Navel Gazing 2: The Surface

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>The Kot dangles before you.
>Seize the Kot.
> - Dabid Foster Grimace
The nervous breakdown continues.
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who is Spider-Man's DEFINITIVE arch-nemesis?

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