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I can't be the only one who absolutely hates ComicDrake right?

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Is Anyone Forgotten about this show?
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Peter, I think you're more like full gay.
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Who was your favorite clone on the show?
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Was the mom inseminated by farm animals?
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Age of Justice

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/co/ has somewhat been on a Nicola Scott kick. She updated her Facebook with this. Is there anymore info on this Age of Justice?
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Bunnicula thread?
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Korra and Avatar Discussion

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Why is lavabending so hated?

It clearly follows the established rules for bending elements.

Lightningbending should be far more controversial. Is it immune from scrutiny by virtue of being in ATLA?
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Hotel Transylvania Thread

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Hey Look, It's a sneak peak of Hotel Transylvania the series.

What do you think?
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