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Powerpuff Girls thread

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Let's have a Powerpuff Girls thread. Any version. Favorite Powerpuff Girl ? Favorite episode ? Favorite episode of Powerpuff Girls Z ? Is there a episode from the reboot you like ? Have you read the comics ?
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Who are some /co/ characters who gain power with clothing destruction?

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Characters with awesome breasts you want in your mouth RIGHT NOW

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I just watched the first 5 episodes of Bravest Warriors, and found it to be the most dull, unfunny, and unclever show I've seen in a while. Does it get better?

Pic unrelated.
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What is it about his shirt?
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wich one do you choose?
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ITT: Moments in /co/ that made you shit your pants as a kid

Gen 13 Storytime part 13

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ITT: The things you miss in comics

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What's the adversity with characters ever settling down in a relationship? It feels like every marriage aside from Reed and Sue has been broken up in this decade and the last one, and of them only Superman's has been fixed.

Pic kinda unrelated since Betsy Ross was dead a long time before but it still counts since I wish Bruce was still alive.
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Whys there so little art of her?