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Ember Mclain Thread

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do it for Andrew
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How many people are on /co/ daily? We should do a census
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Why is pirating comics getting so difficult? Old torrents have no seeds and almost everything on libgen is either low quality or 404s. Old links from the archive don't work, either. Hosters on soulseek have a very limited collection and getting the comic you want mostly depends on luck. Desuarchive doesn't host old images, so I can't get them from previous storytimes.

Tusfiles died and zippyshare links expire unless someone downloads it once every two weeks, which means that only very popular comics are available. Nem43 on kat was the pirmary source but since Kat died (and almost nobody knows about worldwidetorrents) that avenue is closed as well.

I regret deleting all my old comics now.
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As Mera looked up she wondered what kind of God shaped this man...the most gorgeous man she has ever laid eyes on. In that moment as she marveled his beautiful visage, his red cape flaying.....his shape blue eyes fitting for the ocean.

She realised...

He was a better man that Arthur. A much....better man.

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DC Super Hero Girls #01


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This comes out tomorrow. Give your thoughts.

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Is Danger Dolan /co/?
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James Bond vs Sterling Archer

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Who do you think would win in a fight between Archer and James Bond. who would excel in hand to hand or firearms combat?
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Why do all you faggots hate Based Alex? Is it because I tricked you?
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Hi! I'm from /a/! I decided to pay a visit to this board for a recommendation.
Is there any anime influenced American cartoons that you can reccomend to me?

I heard Liberty's kids was anime influenced but I am not sure
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