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what contemporary x-men, daredevil, spider-man, and avengers comics are most worth reading?

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why is she the only heterosexual female animator ?
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ITT characters who are so unlikable that they can be considered the worst /co/ character ever made. Fuck this cunt. Holy shit there is literally zero redeeming qualities about her
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I won't be seeing Toy Story 4, Wreck it Ralph 2, The Grinch or any of these shit sequels/reboots/remakes/etc, I'm not even going to talk about them anymore outside this post.
I don't want to support this kind of shit from Hollywood anymore, not even ironically.
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Best princess is sad because of hiatus

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Fucking Disney. Not even a forecast?
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Garfoldi, where is our favoirte dog, Odies?
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The only reason Batman has become omnipotent yet like Dr. Doom, is because DC is afraid this would make Superman look even less cool among the audience.

Prove me wrong.
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>Gumball ends for real this year
>revival in 2020
>new Nicole is a dumb, unlucky cat.
>she is strong but can't fight for shit
>has a new job every episode because she is always getting fired
Would you like this change?
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Noble fetishes

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Mine is to slowly strangle a qt to death and reviving her with cpr and rinse and repeat.

Please don't accuse me of being edgy.

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Why am I supposed to hate this comic?