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Why the fuck do you fucks think this film is gonna be anything more than a typical safe crowd pleasing Marvel film? Have you fucks learned nothing from Black Panther?
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This film would have been a lot better with smoother animation and all the dumb miscellaneous characters cut out
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Is the water big guy supposed to be Hydro-man??? HYPE!!!
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OT3 Thread

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White art is racist, finally I realized that I can empower myself unlearning white comic art and doing my minority ethnic comic style.
We need more artist like Luka to inspire an lead us to a brighter future.
Whites will not oppress me with their art.
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ITT: good ideas with bad implementation

Phantom Stranger is best not having a past, but damn if making him into Judas wasn’t a damn good idea.
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Cursed Images

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Is he right?

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ITT: stupid shit you hear people say about comics and cartoons
let it all out
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