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>People dislike Superman for being an unstoppable Gary Stu
>People love Batman for being an unstoppable Gary Stu
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Post your first waifu
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World of Tomorrow 2

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Just watched this and felt it was a good continuation of the series. It was more lighthearted with a little more focus on the comedy and childlike aspects from the first one. What did you think of it?
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Haven't seen a R63 thread in a while

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What /co/ characters would be objectively better if their gender was swapped?
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Kids that can destroy the Kids Next Door?

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My list:
>Jimmy Neutron
>Phineas and Ferb
>Eric Cartman

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Joker just wants to be loved.

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Where the fuck has the ultimate anon been? He said last thursday and now over a week later he's been MIA
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over the garden wall

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Does pic related get any better past the first two episodes? The idea behind it seems pretty top notch and the animation for backgrounds and the like is beautiful, but anytime anything or anyone speaks I feel like I want to hang myself over how blatantly unfunny and cripplingly annoying every single character does is.

And if it doesn't change much, are there any more /co/ shows involving mystery/adventure and actual quality animation other than things like Avatar? The more I look into it, the more shovelware cartoon shows with 1-2 seasons cancelled show up and, eventually, amount to nothing.