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New episode of Mysticons today at 12

The Astromancer Job
>The Mysticons must pull off the heist of their lives when they break into the Astromancer's palace to use their magic forge.

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Let's say you got your own show.

Would you rather no one talk about it and it was very unpopular or you had a giant fanbase and most of it was shitposting and people calling you a hack?

ITT: Voice actors as their characters

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maybe i'm autistic, but every now and then i try to envision actors as who they play and draw it

Here's one of samurai jack
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But for real though.

What was his fucking problem?
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Leotards are great costumes for female characters in both comics and cartoons. There's nothing sexist or demeaning about them.
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I like the movie but who the fuck approved this shot?
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How come Peter is a fat guy, yet we hardly ever have scenes of him gorging on food like we do with Homer, Richard Watterson, Cartman etc..?
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What went wrong?
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Anyone else love when Spider-Man is dark?
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