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Brainiac gameplay is finally here, my dudes
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bcb - Bittersweet Candy Bowl

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Mike is fucking everything up again edition
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Do you think Wendy browses /cock/?
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>You get to keep the talisman that corresponds to your birthday
Well /co/, what power do you get? How do you use it? Hero or villain?
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Gunnerkrigg Court

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>Pretty big place to be alone.
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what would the Adam West Batman do in this scene?
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She looked pretty fine considering she's in her 60s.
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ROUND 2 - /co/'s favorite cartoon - 64 cartoons remain

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It's time for the next set of matchups, /co/. 64 series were voted out, and 64 remain. Vote on the next round here:

None of the matchups are required, so you don't have to vote on a round if you don't want to.
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Samurai Jack

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Look, I know there's an ongoing thing about people thinking Ashi is better as a love interest or a disciple/surrogate daughter. I was always firmly in the latter section. And the last episode, plus this shot especially just helps reaffirm it to me.
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Who thread

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"See, Agrias. That guy said 'Yes.' That could mean anything! He could have said 'hai' which is more respectful, or 'n' which is more casual. It could be any of those two things! And that time he said 'brother.' Don't EVEN get me started on onii vs aniki. Ha ha."
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