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Did the fanbase ruin Adventure Time?
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>Decide to watch
>OH a gay show, alright
>Some lesbian undertones here and there
>All guys are hetero
WTF I feel ripped-off
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There isn't one scene in the CGI Clone Wars as good as this.



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So it wasn't much like the comic, which I was okay with.
but i found that ending really disappointing. and with all the posturing, I'd have thought Sabrina and her aunts would have known something was up with wardwell, she comes to school one day acting like a completely different person, like come on.

I hope sabrina finds some loophole to keep her magic but not be a slave to satan.

Is the comic dead? like its been over a year since an issue came out hasn't it?

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>tomboy girl
> constantly bullied by her own "friends"
> has a major crush in the main dude
> MC is anime levels of unaware of it
> the snarky straight (wo)man of the group

Are there any similar girls like her in other shows?
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What do you think of this film?

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Since /co/ is infinitely superior to /a/ when it comes to animation, you guys should be able to decided which of these has better animation. /a/ doesn't know what they're talking about, so their opinion is irrelevant.
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All Grown Up feels like a fever dream.

>That episode where Tommy is afraid of water because when he was younger he went fishing with Grandpa Lou and accidentally ending up falling in the water and literally almost drowned. This sends Tommy into having PTSD whenver he is around water

>That episode where Phil walks in on Lil in her bra and it gives him a weird boner and the episode is filled with heavy incest vibes

>That episode where Phil not only crossdresses as Lil but MORE guys hit on him dressed as Lil than the actual Lil

These are all real.
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