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What are some instances in comics where the "Bad Guys" are totally in the right?
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He is back
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Husbando thread

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ITT: Superhero birthdays

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So in the new Spider-Man trailer, it's revealed that MCU Peter Parker's birthday is on August 10th (the date when Amazing Fantasy #15 was published). This brought to my attention that Spider-Man has no official "canon" birthday in comics. In fact, unlike in Anime and Manga, very few characters have canon birthdays.
So in this thread, let's post the few canon birthdays we know of.
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It's time for another Timantha thread
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Stephen Galaxy

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So is everyone looking forward to the special? Will it be worth the two week hiatus wait?

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>Tony/Thor/Steve have like a decade worth of character development across many films
>this charisma-free bitch will be the one to defeat Thanos and save the day
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Deception ideology

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What is the Deception ideology?
List it talk about it analyse it.
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Should 'Collabs' start screening their animators?

For every animation which took a great level of effort and thought. There is around three which are just farted out and either relying on memes or 'lol fart poop' jokes.
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