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Star Vs. the forces of Stalkers

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So is Starfan 13 Nefcy's self insert or something? Has she ever confirmed or denied this?
Starfan 13 seems to me like the kind of character that a creator of a show would self insert as. Socially awkward, fawning over the main character, joining in on almost all activities. I'm wondering if there's a connection there.
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/swco/ - Star Wars Comics & Cartoons

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What is she, /swco/? Edition

>Upcoming Releases:

>Out this Week:
Pablo Hidalgo's Guide to the Species of Star Wars (May 25th)
Revan #1 (May 26th)

>Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer

>Star Wars: Rebels - The Final Season

>Battlefront 2 trailer:

>Download links: (Check here for new Rebels Episodes + Books, Comics, Films, etc)

>Canon Guide:

>Legends Recommendation List:
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Fuck this shitty ending

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I am arguing that the Samurai Jack ending sucks ass. Here are my core points:
1. All the characters we know and love from the future are wiped from existence
2. Jack got shafted by the ending; he basically made no personal gain, he’s just a tool for the gods
3. The entire ending is equivalent to if Jack had killed Aku in their very first encounter in episode 1
4. Ending was extremely and obviously contrived to get the “bittersweet” ending instead of letting it play out organically
5. Ashi was reduced to a cheap tool of narrative convenience
6. Horrific pacing issues
7. Various plot holes/stupid bullshit

1. All the characters we know and love from the future are wiped from existence
Yes, we know this for a fact, and allow me to explain why. We can deduce this fact by Ashi’s disappearance. First off, Ashi should have disappeared the instant Jack killed Aku. This is actually a critical point that I will revisit later. Ignoring this blatant disregard for good writing, I only see two possible reasons why Ashi disappeared: either she disappeared because time retroactively corrected itself for the paradox of her existence or that she cannot exist because Aku is dead and part of her being is Aku.

Too long, continued.
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I got a question for you, /co/: just how do I get into (western) comics? I have vague memories of reading a few Spider-Man comics when I was a kid and I've been reading manga for many years now, but other than that I've never really read anything else.

Thing is, I can't seem to get into western comics. I've been trying to read a few superhero stories, but I seem to quickly lose interest. I love superheroes and most kinds of stories with charismatic characters, so it all seems a bit weird to me.

One thing I can pinpoint as maybe being a detriment for me is the fact that it seems (forgive my ignorance) most comics adopt a more collective type of storytelling, with multiple writers and so on. I don't usually have a problem jumping in on long running manga series, but I tend to always want to start from the beginning - something I understand is quite hard to do in this medium.

The comics I've managed to get thru these past few years were: The Bellybuttons (a bit unorthodox I guess, but I found it endearing), Y: The Last Man and Crossed (only really read it due to the gore), so I guess that's something.

To avoid rambling too much more, I'd like to ask: what should I read? I love comics as a medium, so I'd really like to get the most of it instead of just sticking to manga.

I do apologize if you guys get threads like this (in the end it's just a rec thread) often, but I didn't really know where else to go.
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Why didn't DC get....

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So seriously /co/ why didn't DC get Linkara to direct Justice League? I mean he knows comics probably better than anyone, understands the characters sooooo well and has an expert knowledge in film making.

SURELY he was the obvious choice? If any anons don't know his work please check his stuff on -ATopThe4thWall-
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>you've never killed a real person before! FLESH AND BLOOD!
>oh no! I killed some kids! Now I'm gonna kill myself!
Man it's good that Jack went through multiple crisises about futurepeoples deaths, like the sisters and the kids, just to erase them later without literally a single god damned thought.

Thanks gendy!
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What are AU versions of characters you prefer to the original? Pic related.

Dementia thread

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Post em'
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trailer fucking when?
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