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Should the MCU end?

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James Cameron, famous director and billionaire, thinks the MCU should come to the end and that there are more stories to tell.

Is he right, /co/?
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>Only black kid in the show is a watermelon themed vigilante
What did they mean by this?

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>originally a shock jock
>regular outfit
>gains powers
>suddenly switches to body-hugging swimsuit with a mile of cleavage

Why? Why couldn't she be a shock jock punk with electricity powers?
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>”For Karen with the bland ass potato salad!”
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Infintiy Train

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So it looks like they made the already generic design even more generic.
Is this era of terrible art style ever going to end?!
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Here's your Venom for the night
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So is Voltron /co/ or /a/?

Also Pidge is best Palladin.
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