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Holy cringe. Really hoping she meets a horrible death.
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How would you react if this happened?
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No Gorillaz Thread? The new Album is dope guys, and I just watched Saturn Barz in VR - awesome.
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Homestuck thread.

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Homestuck thread. Post cool images of cool characters.
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Gunnerkrigg Court Duckpond

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>Chapter 62: Page 5

>Annie's already heard this one.
Hey! I was on my very first podcast! If you would like to hear me talk about some things then you can listen to it here, on iTunes, or here, on Libsyn. I'm in episode 13! I also talk about Harry Potter in episode 13 of the book club.
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Would you accept his challenge, /co/mrades?
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Star vs. The Forces of Cuteness

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Why is Star the cutest?
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The Loud House is getting a Theatrical Film

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> The Rise and Fall of Nickelodeon, run by Clint Bracey, a very reliable news source and friends with Chris Savino (who's friends on Facebook and likes the page), made an interesting news post stating that both Paramount and Chris Savino himself.

"Paramount via Cinema Con and Savino confirmed it himself."

Who hype here?
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Have you ever looked at a show's artstyle and became irrationally upset? Pissed off even?
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No results on /wsr/, which episode is this?
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