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>The Boss will return.

Did anybody even watch the first movie?
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You sure you really want that one? All right...

Due to a teleporter accident, you and your chosen character are fused together. You have become a single gestalt being, as much one as the other. What do?
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ITT-we cavepost

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Check out my new waifu doll, /co/
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What's the point of Damien?
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Flash season 4

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How bad is it going to bomb?

I can't see myself getting behind season 4 without a lot of Jay Garrick and/or really stepping up the rogues.

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We had a really great thread about Jean the other day, that's make another and keep it rolling.

How in your kind (other than killing her) can Marvel Comics redeem her character? Sadly, with Jimmy joining the new O5 team Marvel is going back to the rehashed Jean-Scott-Wolverine love triangle.
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Are Superheroes that can stretch considered outdated now?

It is seen as a goofy power of a bygone era, like talking to animals
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Webm thread

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I feel like we don't have enough webm threads for animated stuff, time to fix that.

Will take webm requests from:
S5 Samurai Jack, Kim Possible, Dan Vs, Wakfu, Over the Garden Wall, Kung Fu Panda, LPS, Gumball and some Tom and Jerry stuff
Maybe the odd Youtube animated clip if you ask

Point me to the episode and I should be good. No Blurays.
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Latest episode discusses the Samurai Jack finale, Ken Penders, Titmouse, and others
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