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Filename thread? Filename thread.
Sorry for the jpeg
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Make your own /co/ Superhero Thread

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Roll a power and design a character around that power.
If your post ends in an odd number, you're a villain.
If your post ends in an even number, you're a hero.
Don't forget to support the booru!
Previous threads: https://pastebin.com/ztmf4pV2
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ITT we come up with Marvel's next mash up character.
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Youd think after omniverse theyd have learned that making the show into a dumb comedy that insulted the franchise wouldnt be well received
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Transformers General

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James Roberts has now confirmed he's gone after Lost Light #25.

Who would you like to see take over in the reboot?
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Religious mood songs

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I'm a fedora tipper, but this song induces feelings inside me. Occasionally I feel the same way when I listen to the When You Believe song from Prince of Egypt.

What are songs that induce strange religious euphoria within you? That odd feeling of grace and connection, of bloody depth and forgiveness. You know what I mean if you have felt it.

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Is this the closest Marvel has come to a comfy movie?
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One Million Souls
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