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how is one meant to draw the bean from a full-on frontal perspective without it looking like shit?
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Hey /co/, what do you know about this Graphic Novel?, it's looks like an interesting mix of "Adventure Time", "Arthur", "Bob's Burger's", & "Good Morning Miss Bliss", but what do you think? also I might do a storytime when it comes out

/hyw/ How's Your Webcomic? #428

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recycling old thread question cause nobody answered last time
Previous Thread: >>96904830
What would your webcomic be like if it was a cartoon? What would you do differently? Would you have a different artstyle and presentation if you didn't have to do the art yourself? Who would you cast as your beloved characters?
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Virgin VS Chad

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/swco/ - Star Wars Comics & Cartoons

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Echuta Edition

>Upcoming Releases:

>Out This Week:
Star Wars #39 (Wed 22)
Star Wars Adventures #4 (Wed 22)

>Star Wars Rebels Season 4 Trailer 2

>Rebels Recon: Rebel Assault

>Star Wars: The Last Jedi - Trailer

>Star Wars Battlefront 2 All Cutscenes

>Download links: (Check here for new Rebels Episodes + Books, Comics, Films, etc)

>Star Wars: Forces of Destiny

>Canon Guide:

>Legends Recommendation List:
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So I read most of the first trades from rebirth. How does DC manage to put out a relaunch worse than new 52 and All New All Different put together?
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New Tangled tomorrow, it’s supposed to be lore heavy with new songs
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we all agree that this can only go 3 ways at this point right?
>Heidi dies
>Heidi gets written out of the show
>Heidi breaks up with cartman, turns normal again and everything is like none of this ever happened
personally my bet is on the first one
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ITT: Times you couldn't believe they got away with it

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Why do people like Pan Pizza? He's the typical entitled, whiny piece of shit e-celebrity whore that thinks the entire world owes him something just for existing.
>actually cried when a girl rejected him, thinking she should have to date him because she liked the same cartoons as him
>oversells the "I'm an adult taking cartoons seriously" observation, acknowledging the perceived absurdity of such an act, then continues to make reviews of children's cartoons
If he was this ashamed, he'd quit.
>generic liberal agnostic retard that is too afraid of getting beaten by his parents to say he is an atheist
Come on, now, he even records his videos in his closet.
>completely swept being a Brony under the rug after the fad was over and it was no longer the cool, hip thing to jump on the bandwagon of.
>Feels the need to shove his fetishes and opinions about life no one asked about in his reviews
>Wants to work in the animation industry, but is too lazy to bother animating
>Is too autistic to show his face, but is surprised that he can't network for shit and still doesn't work for a television channel

Now, I know what you're about to say: B-BUT HE MAKES INFORMATIVE REVIEWS!
Yes, it's very impressive that a guy can look up stuff on Wikipedia and then put it in his review. Congratulations.

The ONLY thing I will give him credit for is that he will often contact people that worked on a show to get their side of the story, something that most reviewers do not bother with or have no access to. If he didn't do this, he really would just be as pathetic as Boco or Mr. Enter, but with slightly better editing.

Speaking of his editing, I think that's also highly overrated. He just does the same generic style where he gets an unrelated "funny" clip from some other source and vaguely puts it into the review he's making in an attempt to make you think you're actually laughing at his inclusion of the joke in that context rather than the clip itself.

/co/ celebs, not even once.
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