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ITT: Superhero birthdays

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So in the new Spider-Man trailer, it's revealed that MCU Peter Parker's birthday is on August 10th (the date when Amazing Fantasy #15 was published). This brought to my attention that Spider-Man has no official "canon" birthday in comics. In fact, unlike in Anime and Manga, very few characters have canon birthdays.
So in this thread, let's post the few canon birthdays we know of.
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I'm the counsellor. It's volunteer work... to help the socially... challenged.
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I got bad news everyone

Im Steven
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Hilda thread
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will Ronaldo ever get back with his gf?
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The Elite are not the real bad guys

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In what reality are "The Elite" the bad guys? Superman's non argument about how Vigilantism is a crime but what the League does every single hour of the day doesn't constitute as Vigilantism because he said so?

Shit like this is exactly why Injustice ends up happening and despite me also criticizing the state of DC's writing department when it purposely portrays people to be as dumb as humanly possible since they keep trusting Lex Luthor saying how he's a flawed victim of the system when all he's really been doing is taking advantage of it.
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It's time for another Timantha thread
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Can we also have a thread about the bigger /co/ related boys? Got a favorite? Also equal opportunity.
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Now that the dust has long since settled, I have to ask which is better ?
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Frozen 2

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Hans Redemption, yes or no?
Also, friendly reminder all of his clothes have a green flamelick pattern to them, and he, like Elsa before the big reveal, never takes off his gloves.
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