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How should i consider him?

Doc Ock in a Peter Parker cloned body


A clone of Peter Parker with Doc Ock's memory implanted

The difference may seem irrelevant but it isnt
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Weekend writefag/fanfiction thread

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Back by meager demand

Post ideas, tell us what you're working on, and shamelessly promote your OC/fanfiction/smut
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Why is she so angry? Is she horny or something?
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>People genuinely think the 2014 movie was better than Shin Reptar
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Work on Your Art Thread

Post art you're currently working on. You recently finished. Post your OCs. Ask for advice. Anything art-related.
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>bullies you orientally
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Tropes you hate

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>romance story
>MC has better chemistry with all the other characters, especially ones that pretty much sacrifice their well being for MC out of love, except for the main guy/girl who they end up falling for

Bonus points if primary love interest is a creep/supernatural entity in this situation.
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Are edit threads still cool?
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Superman Villain Thread

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In honor of Supe's turning 80, let's talk about his villains

Whose your favorite? Least favorite? Who do you think is underrated and deserving of a modern day take? Got any ideas of villains of your own?
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The scene in the comics where Donald's cousin murders him is pretty fucked up
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