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Timantha thread?
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Why the fuck is the Loud House fanart always so dark?

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Dear Anon, can you please tell me the source of this image?, also Why TLH is so dark?
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How do we strike back against the feminist agenda that breaks away at our comic and cartoon industry like a cancer
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Go nuts
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INHUMANS Panel Breakdown #SDCC

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> Multiple exclusive pieces of footage were shown. One featured the green-skinned Triton on Earth saving Inhumans being hunted down by the military, another showed Medusa, hair in action, and another showed Karnak fighting.

>The footage of Medusa reportedly received mixed reactions to how her hair looked. Some people still weren’t sold on the effect (which even the crew admitted difficult to pull off), while most seemed satisfied with it.

>The Karnak footage apparently looked like the fights in Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes films. This makes a lot of sense, as Holmes used his deductive skills to anticipate how a fight would play out and how to win, while Karnak can spot the fatal flaw in all things. He would be able to instantly see the best way to win a fight.

>There is a confirmed connection with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. They didn’t specify in exactly what ways, but they confirmed there will be crossovers at some point.

>Black Bolt will speak in sign language that only Medusa can understand. It isn’t any real-life sign language but it’s based on ASL.

>There’s a lot of special effects. Jeph Loeb said there’s over 600 visual effects in the first two hours alone.

>“Showrunner” Scott Buck described it as “Not a superhero show. It’s a show about humans (or Inhumans) with powers.”

>Iwan Rheon, who plays Maximus, was at first scared of being typecast, until he started to understand the character more. He described Maximus as “revolutionary, ruthless, a family man, and a Shakespearean-type character.

>Ellen Woglom will play a character original to the show. Her name is Louise and she’s from Earth but she apparently has “special knowledge”.

>Sean Callery, who scored Jessica Jones will compose the music for the series.

>The ABC premiere will feature footage not in the IMAX cut.
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Is it possible to make a character that has the ability to beat Hulk without it feeling unnatural or forced.
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Was he telling the truth?

New Inhumans Trailer from Comic-Con

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Spiderman Homecoming is basically Hey Arnold

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