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When will he comeback?
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OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes

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What do you think about the lore in this show, /co/? What do you think will happen with P.O.I.N.T.?
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>that unofficial hippo info
>that vlog
>that vlog's hidden tags

They are really going to make Keith the fangirl favorite, are they?
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My involvement with Villanous

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Hi there, I partially worked on the development of Villanous, as well as being a close friend of the creator, Alan Ituriel (with whom Im no longer friends with) ask me anything you wanna know about the creator itself, his development team or any question that resembles pre-projects of Villanous, as I worked with the guy a few times before.
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ITT: Post strange fashion and others have to make a supervillain out of it.
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Has /co/ seen Planet Panic yet?
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Remember when this was the second highest rated show next to SpongeBob? It even won a KCA Award. Are there any cartoons that debuted in the 2010s that are just as popular as Avatar was during the height of its popularity (2005-2008)?
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Fucking disgusting, where's Felicity?

>Crisis on Earth-X, the 4-part crossover event, begins November 27 on The CW!
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Why didn't he start flirting with Moana the instant he saw her? It's been ages since he's been with a woman.
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