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/hyw/ How's Your Webcomic? #428

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recycling old thread question cause nobody answered last time
Previous Thread: >>96904830
What would your webcomic be like if it was a cartoon? What would you do differently? Would you have a different artstyle and presentation if you didn't have to do the art yourself? Who would you cast as your beloved characters?
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Why were these the coolest parts about justice league?
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Rarely see this series mentioned on here, but do you believe Cassie is shagging Cat now? These covers we've seen in solicitations have been a bit nuts, are they intentionally misleading us? Or is Tini Howard truly just living the dream and making her ship canon without giving a fuck?
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Rimba Racer

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season 2 is coming to malaysian TV in 3 days, do we have any anons from their coutry who could help us get the new episodes?
(even if they're not in english)
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Gunnerkrigg Court

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Tony is gonna REEEEEEEE hard at his safe space violation isn't he?
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Anyone else watched it already?
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Justice League Ending Leaked

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Self Creations

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I dont know...
I made this last night for some reason.

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I miss Let's Speak English
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