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You know, Amy, any time someone calls attention to the breaking of gender roles, it ultimately undermines the concept of gender equality by implying that this is an exception and not the status quo.
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Redesign Thread

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Post either your favorites or ones you find supremely terrible and deserving of mass ridicule.
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who wants a nedroid thread?
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thoughts on Biker Mice from Mars?
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Why are their no superhero clowns? Must they always be evil and never good?
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The Elite are not the real bad guys

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In what reality are "The Elite" the bad guys? Superman's non argument about how Vigilantism is a crime but what the League does every single hour of the day doesn't constitute as Vigilantism because he said so?

Shit like this is exactly why Injustice ends up happening and despite me also criticizing the state of DC's writing department when it purposely portrays people to be as dumb as humanly possible since they keep trusting Lex Luthor saying how he's a flawed victim of the system when all he's really been doing is taking advantage of it.
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Stan Lee wrote many titles during the 60s, but three titles he did for 10 years each: FF, Spider-Man, and Thor. These were his babies. Which was the best?

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>We live in a world where a Aquaman movie makes a billion dollars
>A standalones venom movie saved Sony shared spider-man universe
I have a feeling The Joker movie will pull in Deadpool 1 numbers. I wouldn’t be surprised if joker broke some R rated movie record. Hell Joaquin Phoenix joker already more popular than Jared Leto joker.
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