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Not sure if this is the right board to post this but maybe you anons can help me.

Where can I buy a cup just like the Evil Queen from Snow White has? (Pic related)

I really want that cup.

/Co/Co/'s Bizarre Adventure - I'm on a Boat edition

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Previous thread >>90860582

Thread Archive:

MAIN TOPIC: CN City finale - Return to Fantastic Island

Stand Suggestions are OPEN!

>What's this?
Collab /co/ project of JJBA-based stories made out of /co/ stuff.

(ALSO, try not to suggest 1:1 copies of stuff in JJBA)

>Canon Stand Info

>Stands Doc

>Every part, in order
1 -
2 -
3 -
4 -
5 -
6 -
7 -
8 -

CC -
HM -
MS -

>Phantom Scare: Chapter 1

>/Co/Co/ Comic


>Fighting Game

>Voice Impressions (some expired)

>/Co/Co/ playlist:「THE SHOW MUST GO ON」

>Plus4chan thread
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Let's continue the Samurai Jack meme thread.
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Poppy O'Possum

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>started watching for redhead qt
>ended up actually liking the show
This show is better than it has any right to be. I mean it's a cheap Mexican cartoon goddamn it.

The first couple of episodes aren't very special, but then it just keeps on becoming better and better. It's clear that the people who worked on this actually put effort into the show and wanted to make an enjoyable story.

More often than not I found myself thinking "oh they're gonna do that thing and that trope and drag it for the entire episode" but then it would get lampshaded, quickly resolved and the show moved on to do something else entirely. Often I legit couldn't tell what would happen next.

The main characters each have distinctive virtues and flaws and none of them end up being too perfect or too annoying, tho I guess Alebrije could use a personal episode. The major villains all have clear and understandable motives, too.

Obviously the animation isn't exactly smooth and the pacing isn't perfect at times (some dramatic moments kinda suffer from things happening too fast) but that wasn't enough to stop me from enjoying it.

It really should have a bigger following.
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Art of Dofus Book Part 2: Electric Boogaloo

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Next 50 Pages right here,

Part 1 (45 Pages)!UWxHAa5Z!S4Zau0m3d7JqL8PXDss9siPZOhyjqtnE95uep1h06Dk

Part 2 (50 Pages)!ECp03bAC!d8M0tbSRGYvhUgtZAs8a0Bj_ZsOPsPbUcf0ABIg7uvM

As usual I'll be dumping a smaller version here.
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I want to fucking kill myself.
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Lucifer gets a new writer

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Science fiction novelist Richard Kadrey is taking over Lucifer. He's also read all of Carey's run so it might be pretty fun. Could someone give me a summary of whats happened in Holly Black's issues? I didn't read them. Anyone excited for this at all?
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So I overheard a rumor that the Venom movie would take place in the Raimi Spider-Man continuity, hense why it's out of the MCU canon.

And then they announced the Silver Sable/Black Cat solo.

If the rumors are true, could it be that Sony is slowly trying to fade out Homecoming and bring back Raimi Spider-Man?

And if this /is/ the case, how would you feel about it?
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Toonami Ratings for 3/25/17

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One Piece is now cancelled. One Piece discussion belongs on /a/.

This week is April Fools, meaning the Adult Swim April Fools prank happens on MIDNIGHT April 1st. Be sure to have AS on Friday night if you are interested, because the prank will not be during Toonami. They may do something small since Toonami does start on April Fools, but the main prank still falls in AS hours.

There will be a dub premiere panel at Anime Boston for Jojo Part 3 on March 31st. This may or may not come with news about its status on Toonami.

Adult Swim is funding two new 6 episode seasons of FLCL. Expected release 2018.

This week we started Tokyo Ghoul and had a bit of a schedule shuffle to go with it. To start, Jack continues to do great, gaining a small amount from last week, and again being the highest rated non sport program of the day. Tokyo Ghoul had kind of an eh start, but followed the trend of the night fairly well. Unicorn, despite being moved a full hour later, actually did significantly better than it usually does. Naruto did much better than OP at 2:30, but GitS didn't find any new viewers.

11:00 Samurai Jack 1352 0.66 852
11:30 Dragon Ball Super 1066 0.51 652
12:00a Sand Whale and Me 1018 0.51 661
12:05a Dragon Ball Z Kai: The Final Chapters 1074 0.54 694
12:30a JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure 938 0.51 650
1:00a Tokyo Ghoul (p) 879 0.44 570

1:30a Hunter X Hunter 805 0.41 526
2:00a Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn 720 0.38 487
2:30a Naruto: Shippuden 643 0.32 407
3:00a Ghost in the Shell (r) 499 0.24 302
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