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This is what happens when you place a literal fucking Muslim in charge of Marvel.
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Literally the ONLY good part of nuPPG
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Best and worst writers of Dialogue

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I am writing a comic and I wanted inspiration for bettering myself. I wanted to know which writers of dialogue do you guys hate the most and which do you like the best.

For me the worst is Bendis, not only is his word choice pretty mediocre but those goddamn speech bubbles give me a headache just trying to read.

For best I don't know but I like Mark Waid.
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Let's play a game, /co/.

Disney decides their Marvel Comics line is no longer profitable and decides to sell the publishing rights to Warner Bros. ONLY the publishing rights of their comics, so no movies, TV shows, games, and all that other jazz.

YOU are in charge of the publishing plan, and have been ordered to come up with seven titles for a possible first wave and their creative teams.

Who do you choose?
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Watchmen Pt. 5

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Picking up with Azzarello's set of issues, starting with the Comedian.
Was planning on starting this from my office but for some odd reason every time I tried posting it said piracy error/non secure connection. Good news is that I got a mile walk in so I'll take it.

Prior threads are here. If you could kindly bump it would be super appreciated.
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Post your favorite Beartato and Reginald's
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Why did this episode had to exist? Bob was completely out of character and Lisa was such a bitch that she even let Bob insult her family in front of her. Plus what is with her saying
>"You, he tried to kill you."

Like Lisa shut the fuck up he's been trying to kill you and the rest of the simpsons aswell. Why the fuck would you even trust him in the fist place? Plus why would Bob even be her friend? Lisa is a raging liberal cuck and Bob is a hardcore conservative republican. there ideolgies don't even line up. Plus what happened to all those time Bob would say he was indifferent towards Lisa or those times he treated her as a annouying brat like Bart? This entire episode is the most contrived garbage I have ever seen. I really hope next seasons Bob episode fixes this shit.
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Batgirl or Starfire?

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Should they fight for Dick?
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