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Who was in the wrong here?
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Welcome to the Squad

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EGS General Thread
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Morning /co/, what's for breakfast?


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Was it any good?
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Is DOOM who he says he is?!

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Doctor Victor von Doom
>Is not an actual doctor
>Victor is not a Romani name, and it's not even spelled with a 'k' like in most of Central and Eastern Europe
>'von' is a German preposition, implying German ancestry, but he claims Romani ancestry
>if he had German ancestry, Victor would be spelled with a 'k' and not a 'c'
>Doom is actually an English noun, not a name, and it has no roots in Romani or Eastern European cultures
>claims to be Romani, but refers to them as Gypsies, seemingly not knowing that Romani don't refer to themselves as Gypsies
Is Vic really who he says he is?
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Why doesn't the Justice League give a shit about saving the residents of Apokolips?

Aren't they basically exactly the same as humans?

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The state of normies
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Virgin VS Chad

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