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I like the movie but who the fuck approved this shot?
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>tfw you outsource your animation to japan
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Mighty Magiswords

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I miss these comfy threads.
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X-thread, b-list edition

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Post your favorite second stringers

Where the heck can I find a good wallpaper of Lorna?
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Mark Hamill, Lena Headley, David Bradley join Trollhunters

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>Hamill voices the unknown older brother to a member of the Trollhunting team but has pledged his loyalty to the evil Gunmar. Headey plays an extremely powerful and evil sorceress who must be stopped at all costs, while Bradley voices a mysterious figure known to have great magical powers — but the Trollhunters find he’s not the mystical wizard they expected.

So, Blinky's bro, Baba Yaga/Morgan le Fay, and Merlin confirmed?
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Is there a below average or flat out bad episode of pre-movie spongebob?
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Critter Coven

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Honesty is the best policy.
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A powerpacked sendoff, RIP PPG

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So its safe to say after this bullshit most of us will never again watch The Powerpuff Girls.

So to all those dropping it forever lets have one last thread to talk about the good of the old series, the bad one of the new one, and what it should do for fans still watching.
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