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Meanwhile at /co/ Animation Studios...
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For a Superhero film, what type of villain do you think works best?

A serious no nonsense threat who kills people and is a constant threat the entire film.
A serious villain who only shows up for the last 3rd of the film and the only reason the protagonists have made it to him because they were under his radar or his minions were incompetent
A over the top wacky goof of a villain.
An apparently normal person who gets triggered by one certain thing that makes him go off the deep in whenever it happens.

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C'mon, we all know that there is gonna be a sequel for Laura and her friends
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Whomp Comic

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You have to be careful when talking to yourself, lest someone witness your self-conversation. I once saw a man carrying on a heated debate with himself as he walked across a parking lot. I said to myself, "Now he seems a bit nutty. Ah, I shouldn't judge. We all have our eccentricities." This was said out loud.

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Lord Beerus comes to Marvel's Earth looking for a worthy challenge or else he'll destroy the planet. Is the Earth fucked?
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Why are weebs so confident that Goku could not only beat Superman but also do it with little effort?

Do not they understand the absurd things Superman is capable of and the fact that he has survived far, far more than Goku would ever be able to put out?
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>LBGT Latina superheroine
>Asian superhero
>Autistic superhero
>Strong female superhero
>Lead roles!!!
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Why are parodies of family friendly character crusing and being "mature, such a popular concept anyway?
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Personality Profile

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New Mewni buggirls/THICC Star Vs. thread. Post degeneracy here such as

>Will Star into a grotesque bug queen when she grows up?
>Will Jackie get DEM HIPS?
>Can anything stop the Marcodic?

If we get /trashed/ that's fine, but try to keep it civil. We just want to discuss horrifying/THICC alt-U's of Star Vs. characters, not shitfight with the mods.
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