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ITT: Voice actors as their characters

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maybe i'm autistic, but every now and then i try to envision actors as who they play and draw it

Here's one of samurai jack
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Star Vs Bomb coming November 6th

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>In a world where magic and monsters meet, comes a princess born to lead. Give thanks for the Star vs. the Forces of Evil binge drop! Star vs. the Forces of Evil Two Week Event starts Monday, November 6 on Disney XD.
>#StarVsTheForcesOfEvil Mid Season Finale will be one hour long AKA Episode 13 and Episode 14 will air Nov 16!
>Disney XD will air the first half of season 3, which will be S3E5-E14. The mid season finale will be a two parter!
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Why did pearl wanna return home when she's known as a traitor/criminal there?
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rickshank redemption 4/5
rickmancing the stone 3/5
pickle rick 3/5 honestly it's fine
vindicators 3 1/5
whirl dirly conspiracy 3/5
rest and ricklaxation 4/5
the ricklantis mixup 5/5
morty's mind blowers 3/5
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/hyw/ - How's Your Webcomic? #407

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Jani we died Edition

Welcome to yet another thread of How's Your Webcomic, the one that refuses to die even after the summer ended. Come here to share your webcomic dreams and progress.
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south park

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so will they bring him back. pic related.

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Should Talia and Bane turn best friends in the comics like they were in the movies?
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Peter Rabbit

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holy shit Sony really cannot catch a break can they, this looks like garbage
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