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She-Ra tomorrow

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are you ready?
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Long gone gulch

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>So we know what you’re thinking….where’s the trailer???

yeah, where is the trailer zach?
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claim your favorite /co/ sons. sonfus? whatever
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Was Jack Kirby really the actual genius?
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Post a Simpson's character without actually posting them
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Well, just finished the FOX run

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What should I expect next?

There is a lot of cool sci fi concepts as well but I didn't enjoy the humor as much as R&M for some reason, so I'm worried about a bigger drop in quality
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Good Modern Marvel Comics

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Jason Aaron's run on Doctor Strange was the best thing to ever happen to Strange.
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What was YOUR favorite part of the trip?
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>Stan Lee video

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>Its monetized
What is wrong with youtube?

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What should I expect?
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