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People always go on about how ulta badass Donald Duck is. Well, all I ever seen him doing in cartoons and comic books is getting angry and always getting fucked over. What are some examples of him being a not a fucking loser? What are his greatest feats? What was his greatest battle?

No superhero-Donald or Kingdom Hearts autism pls
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Reign of Supermen (2019)

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I just watched this movie, and I am happy I did. As such, I come here to share with you the link, because I am also a link whore and us link whores should be share.


The animation in the DCAMU is a bit better, still cheap Korean, but the story more than makes for it. Peter Tomasi I miss your run on Superman, at least you gave us this two movies that are just great.

Meanwhile, I take this moment to call for a minute of silence for our boy Jon Kent, currently being savagely ravaged by Bendis. Editorial have mercy on his soul.
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Looking back at it, Tarzan is a pretty gorgeous movie. Look at the clouds, the colors, what the hell happened to disney?
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ITT: Cartoon characters you were always secretly attracted to, in a non-sexual way

I'll start
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Why is Gwen so cute bros?
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Who would be the best fuck?
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This is a chipmunk.
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You know, Amy, any time someone calls attention to the breaking of gender roles, it ultimately undermines the concept of gender equality by implying that this is an exception and not the status quo.
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Redesign Thread

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Post either your favorites or ones you find supremely terrible and deserving of mass ridicule.
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who wants a nedroid thread?
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