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Weekend /co/ creation thread

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Or /coc/ thread if that's what you look for in the catalog.


Last weekend's thread:
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The Power is Yours!

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In honor of Earth Day, Let’s Have a Captain Planet Thread! Anybody watching it Free on the Boomerang app today?
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Storytime - minus.

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It's been two years since we last saw evidence that Ryan Armand is alive, so I'm going to dump some minus in his memory.
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Spider-Man General!

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> Thoughts, hopes, fears for the coming run?
> What are some things you actually liked about Slott's run?
> Favorite runs/arcs?
> Favorite villains?
> Favorite love interest?
> Favorite outfits?
Pic related for me...
> Hopes & ideas for future Mcu Spider movies & appearances?
> Hopes & ideas for the Venom and Silver & Black movies?
> What comic do you want Stuart Immonen on next now that his ASM work is done?
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How the Fuck did he do it

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ITT: /co/ during summer 1998

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Usagi yojimbo story time - 16

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Usagi Yojimbo by Stan Sakai, please support the official release!

Previous threads:

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What is it about the Tim Burton Batman movies that make them so good and immune to the same criticisms that Zach Snyder's movies get? Batman is practically a robot who straight up murders criminals in the Burton movies, and even visibly takes delight in it, and no one seems to give a shit about it.
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Hey Arnold! Thread

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>you will never have someone care about you enough to stalk you night and day

Why even live?
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>shut up and kiss me porch monkey
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