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RIP Justice League Action.
Well it will probably be on that DC streaming service anyway.
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Raven Thread

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>Still no Plastic man Rebirth
>Still no Captain Marvel Rebirth
>Still no Wally West Solo run
Why doesn't DC want my money?
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ava's demon

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It lives
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Forget Spider-Twink. Leave capekino to me boys.
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Disney Parks Thread

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Thoughts on the Tower of Terror replacement? I was worried at first but honestly this ride seems to just ooze charm.

Currently only in California Adventure.
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New weekly episode tonight.

What do you expect?
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It's really impressive how highly Killer Frost has been elevated amongst normies.

Who would have thought a few years ago that Firestorm's nemesis would be seen as one of DC's stars?
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Is there a legitimate reason this guy is so fucking out of his mind crazy?
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Is she implying that Diana is a virgin?
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