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Why isn't there a story where Batman cucks the whole justice league

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So after watching this vid https://youtu.be/quNLEeAfU0w I realized how awesome would it be if there was a story were Batman cucks the whole JLA. Like an alternate reality, something on the lines of injustice where he turns evil but instead of dominating the world he just wants to fuck with everyone's girlfriend.
For starters he would just go for the superheroines like Diana, Hawkgirl and Black Canary but he would gradually stepping up his game and crossing lines like fucking Lois Lane and impregnating Iris Wes and even having an affair with Star Fire.
Alfred could try and talk him out of it but he would go all like "Fuck off Alfred I'm not doing this because I want to but because I need to", people like Catwoman, Joker and Talia would get jealous of him and he could even call his junk the BBC (Big Bat Cock).
That could be amazing.
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Astro Boy Storytime #8

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It's time for the Saturday Morning storytime! This week is a triple triad of trouble, with The Secret of the Egyptian Consirators, The Invisible Giant, and the debut of Astro's brother Cobalt! So sit back, relax, and feel free to talk about retro anime here.


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Week of Pluto Storytime:
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Who would you cast as MCU's bub?
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What's the worst dialogue you've ever seen in a cartoon or in comics?
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Why does Disney not make proper princesses like Marian anymore?
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Damn... have you seen how ugly barbie's movies look now?

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Cluack and Dagger

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So let me get this straight. Hollywood/Media/Marvel have now created a superhero team based around cucking and a black man about to rob and rape a blonde haired, blue-eye woman to then become a Hero?

What the actual fuck? Why the fuck do we tolerate this sort of nonsense?
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does this guy know anything about cartoon/animation history? his terrible and ill-informed videos constantly appear in my suggestions, and when he comments stuff like this on vids, it makes me wonder why he even has a channel talking about cartoons
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Homer was kinda cute in his college years.
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