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is it good again?
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Times the bad guy won even though they were defeated?

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This is a plant
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Doing a chronological storytime.
Within this world of our imagination.
Maybe just to spread the favorites out,
But also to see how it all hangs together...

This is-
Moore and O'Neill's League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Thread #2
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Would /co/ be in favor of a Crash Bandicoot Cartoon?
How would you like it done?
Would Crash Talk?
Does Crash deserve to get his cartoon like Mario and Sonic?
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Ducktales #3

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Misandry Mallards Continue!!!
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Doomsday Clock

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So supergirl pretty much flashes everyone when she flies right?
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Teen Titans #14 Storytime

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The Return of Kid Flash!
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*sits in your chair*
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