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Why don't we have threads for The Walking Dead the way we do for Arrow, the Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl?
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Post your waifu and how popular their tag is on Rule34
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Today I remembered this guy is still making webcomics, and thus I felt the need to burden you with this knowledge as well.
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C&H Random Comic Generator

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So news hit that Adi Shankar is on the list of people to direct the R-Rated Venom Movie. After rewatching Truth in Journalism, I'm a bit sold on him doing a good job with a small budget if Sony is going that route. What are your guys thoughts? I'd like to know. Though I'll be asleep for the first half so I'll read responses when I wake

Samurai Jack:

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Hey guys I'm interested in watching this series after seeing the many posts and webms. Can you guys help me which episodes are essential and which ones are just fillers? I want to catch up to the latest episode as quickly as possible.
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Why haven't the anti-male SJW hate brigade not gone after Samurai Jack yet? You'd think that Jack WILLINGLY murdering in cold blood, SEVEN WOMEN would have sent the Mary Sue and Comic Alliance and Bleeding Cool into a frothing at the mouth temper tantrum, denouncing the show, the creators, and Cartoon Network, for promoting violence against women and misogyny?
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Anyone here enjoy the blue electricity?

These speedster effects look amazing.
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