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>The fundamental problem is that Jane Foster is Marvel's best Thor, and there's no way the Odinson can take her place again.
>She's an ordinary human being, one who has lived in the realm of gods, and yet now walks among them. Jane has been challenged every step of the way; the gods haven't taken kindly to the female Thor, and she's even wound up dueling Odin himself.
>Most remarkable of all, Jane's very humanity has allowed her to tap into Mjolnir in a way even the Odinson never has. She alone learned the secret of the God Storm that lies deep within Mjolnir, granting the hammer its incredible power. In Jane's hands, Mjolnir is no mere weapon; it is an ally in its own right.

I like Jane foster and i domt want her to die of cancer. is there any way that we could keep her in Marvel? would she get a new hammer? what wpupd her super name be?