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CL Comfy Thread: The Return

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Common questions;

>Why the fuck did you make ANOTHER CL thread, faggot?

Why the fuck do you keep making SJ, SU, SvE threads, faggot?

>Aren’t you pushing your luck with these threads?

>Shit, anons should I rewatch/start watching the show?

Hard to say. Many will say yes because we loved it. Many will say no for a variety of reasons as well. Read the thread (if it gets past 10 posts again) and look deep into your heart to make your own conclusion.

>Will this get a Netflix/Adult Swim continuation/reboot?

It got a live action continuation called Code Lyoko: Evolution. But for an Adult Swim reboot/continuation, this show was made in France and isn’t really under CN’s control.
There are novels as well but they take place in a slightly different timeline/finding an English version of them is tricky. A kind anon or two may provide links if we’re lucky enough.

>Should I watch CL: Evolution?

Major consensus is NO. Poor writing and flanderization of characters being major factors. It had to undo some of the ending of the original show to be a thing. People often compare it fanfiction in terms of quality. Protip: If it has the word ‘Evolution’ in the title it’s most likely shit anyways.

>Can I get my Scyphozoa/forehead fetish/ahegao lewds here?