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Team Teen: /co/ Crossover Chaos

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OK, I probably should've made this in May, but fuck it. It's better to start early than never.
>What is Team Teen?
A project revolving around a crossover between various young superheroes. The current main line-up is Kim Possible, Ben Tennyson, Danny Phantom, Jake Long and Jenny Wakeman. However, the roster is slowly expanding as we speak. More info can be found here (Currently a WIP):
>Can you please fuck off with this Pooh's Adventures/Sonic GT bullshit?
We can understand where you're coming from. Fan crossovers, especially if they span multiple series, have a massive stigma for being autistic garbage. There's a reason why these stereotypes exist. With that said, we set up two rules for this project.
>Don't go full Bleedman: This basically means no edgelord crap and no forced shipping. Crossovers really shouldn't have to dive into pulling gratuitously gruesome scenes. That's the sign that the creators care more about shock value than actually telling a story. As for the shipping, we're mainly going to focus on canon shipping. A few non-canon pairings may sprout up, but it's best not to force it. Also, OCs are highly discouraged. Blame Bell and the hundreds of crappy self-inserts for that.
>Only focus on the Big Three and only suggest /co/ material: This rule is set up so this doesn't end up becoming a full-on Sonic GT clone. We're only going to focus on IPs from Disney, Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon. The only exception I believe we've made for this rule is Miraculous Ladybug and that's only because it started out as a Nickelodeon IP. Also, when you're discussing material to add into the series, only focus on /co/ material. So, yeah. Don't expect Kingdom Hearts to pop up anytime soon.
tl;dr: This is a massive fan crossover. Only rules is to stay /co/-related and don't be an edgelord. If you're not down for it, you could just ignore this. Otherwise, drop a suggestion to make things better to avoid the stigma. Have fun.