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Regarding Spider-Man (Modern Times & 55th Anniversary) (Honesty?!)

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I wonder, why it seems so strange to certain folks when some other individuals begin to express their honest opinion (without any Disney/Marvel Studios shilling) on the irrelevancy of Spider-Man...

For example, I made a pretty legit video (with neat graphics, unusual approach, some minor tech difficulties, yes, but that's not the point - the point is: I made it as a love letter to Spidey) recently


, where I tried my utmost best to explain what's been bothering me about the way they treated Spidey for years... and yet, some of the communities that I've had a displeasure of encountering, started to take measures against me for no good reason at all (just because I am not praising OnSlott, Marvel's Disney's XD TRADEMARKED Spidey animated series, mediocre Homecoming or raving about what a 'powerful' actor Tom Holland is, wtf?!)