Parasites / Insects

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Gooey, grotesque and full of eggs!
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/dgg/ - /d/ Games General

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Almost A Furry Edition

Previous Thread: >>8038009
Discuss lewd games, share your projects, and have others critique them.
Post pictures (/d/ related, preferably) to inspire devs and keep the thread alive.
Check the archives before posting requests:
>/dgg/ Game Catalog:
>Orificial Discord
>New OP Guide:
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Giantess Vore Thread

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Previous thread >>8015295
Less thread derailing on this one please.
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Self Punishment / Torture / Bullying Challenge

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This thread is about challenging yourself to simultaneously endure and put yourself through a week long challenge of humiliating. painful and disgusting sexual punishments for an entire week.
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10 second head start edition

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Cyclops/Monoeye Thread: Spring and Early Easter Edition! (reloaded)

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Previous thread >>7913296

More info:
SFW thread >>>/c/3102100

Easter is just around the corner, and Spring is here! Not to mention, in a week, it will be the first day of the month - which is always a cyclops day!
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Contagious transformation

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Transformations spread via bodily fluids, magic, nanites, corruption, etc.
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Gender Bender/TSF/TG Thread

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Ranma Edition
Post images where characters go from one sex and become the other.

Previous thread: >>8025634
Body swap thread: >>8016390 (swap often, but not always, across sex lines)

Do you have a personal R63/Genderswapped character?
Keep it content focused. If you notice the thread is going off on a tangent, no perfectly worded clever reply will save you. More effective to bringing things back in line is to post more tg images.

Have fun!
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Like i said in >>>/h/5032418 this franchise has some good futa doujin so let's have a thread here too!
Every other art is accepted, piss (i know it's famous), scat, tentacle rape...

Lift and Carry

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Could we have a lift and carry thread?

It's just an odd little fetish where the arousal comes from seeing a girl carrying a man or another woman in some way(like a piggyback, cradle, or shoulder ride). I'm not sure if anyone else likes this but I guess it won't hurt to try.