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The World of Little Snatcher Edition.

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Reverse Trap/Tomboy Thread

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Or in other words: superior girl thread.
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Sex Toy Transformation Thread Part II

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Please post any sex toy trnasformation except sex doll. Remember, there is a thread for that.
Sex Doll Thread: >>8944243
Here is Part I: >>8958825
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Busty boys/male breast expansion thread

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Share what you got of dudes with boobs or in the process of growing them.
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/Growth/ thread

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You let it die again without creating another...>>8939754

Anyways, post girls growing just a bit tall or into colossal giantesses, boobs, ass, willingly or unwillingly, etc...

Avoid posting futa, there is a dedicated thread to it
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Bellybutton Thread #8

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Post navels, you know the drill.
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Slavery thread: Green skin Edition

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Thread theme questions:
>What race do green skin's prefer?
>How are slaves used (breeding, labor, sex toys, etc)?
>Are there farms to create slaves or are they all captured from the wild?
>What's the relationship of master-slave like?
>Are male slaves treated differently from female slaves?

World Building Questions:
>What setting would you choose for your scenario? Modern? Fantasy? Sci-fi? Based in reality?
>How do people become slaves in this world? Does one's lineage, criminal activity, gender, race, or some other aspect of their life determine their caste placement?
>How many slaves per capita exist in this society?
>How do masters typically maintain control over slaves?
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Shortstack/Midget TF

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Girls getting a little lower. Swaps welcome. No goblins/imps, please.
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Fetish Pet Peeves

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We talk a lot about what we enjoy, but what about what we don't enjoy? Basically? Post a kink you like and then describe something you don't care for that tends to come along with that kink. Be it a community thing or another kink or whatever.

For me, it's sissification. I love everything to do with the act itself. Emasculating a guy and seeing him turn into a total bitch is a major thrill. But, I dislike how often you see femdom paired with it. Or ABDL stuff.
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Fuckplant Transformation Funtime

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Updates on the ongoing epidemic of girls getting infected and corrupted into big-lipped humiliated horny freakshows.
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