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Role reversal and femdom general

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#3: Fastest drain in the west edition

A thread to post and discuss dominant woman and submissive boys.

Some notes
>don't make the discussions into "tfw no gf"
>no futa or yuri, they should get their own threads
>pegging is allowed, but try not to go overboard
>this is d/, so more extreme content is allowed, but vanilla is too
>solo pics of dominant woman and submissive men should be used with moderation
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Pierced Preggos

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I will try to include sources for all pictures!
Artist: drums
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Big maids edition
Previous thread: >>9243659
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Omorashi, pissing, whatever, as long as pee is the main focus.

Previous: >>9192074
Omorashi resources and games: https://pastebin.com/jL42SNFp
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(Non-Futa) Monstergirl Thread No.134

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Thicc Birb Edition
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Demon girls/succubus Thread

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Horns, tails, and demonic

>No traps/futa
>No gore
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Gentle Giantess Thread

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We need more cute giant knightesses edition.

Last thread: >>9215115
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Pic below is your new sissy body

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Post traps, sissies and the like. Extra points for punishments.
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Size difference

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A thread for pictures showing differences between a guy's and futa's cocks
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Eroscapes 3

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Landscapes that are themselves sexual
Adjacent concepts are flesh and tentacle caverns, probably things like encasement, assimilation and transformation too.
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