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Female same size vore #123

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trolls and memes are illegal edition

Last thread >>8795232
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Anything plant related

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Feet Thread 57

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Old thread here: >>8798068
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Male Vore

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Vore with focus on male preds.
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Growth Thread

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Post ladies growing. Almost entirely giantess growth but any niche stuff that currently doesn't have a thread and probably won't survive its own thread should go here. (Giantess, Expansion, Muscle, Futanari, Nose, Niche stuff And Everything in between.)

"If it grows, it's gold"

Previous thread: >>8702359
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"I really miss the days when all size stuff was contained in two threads at most" edition

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Hyper Muscle Girls

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Hueg girls need love too.
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Forced Feminization: Mind Manipulation

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>Should the mind be broken to accomplish proper feminization?
>Do you think someone could feminize you using hypnosis?
>Which circumstances (torture, sensory deprivation, drugs) would lead to you breaking and giving in to feminization?

Previous to threads:

Please don't flood this thread with transgender discussions because it isn't related to FORCED feminization. This includes writing about the will to transition. This is not feminization goals!

Also, please try to include on-topic images, especially if your post doesn't significantly contribute to the discussion in any other way.
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Succubus Domination

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Cute demon girls forcing themselves on guys either to get knocked up, absorb someone's essence, or just because they want to.
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Inflation General

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Get your bloated blokes,
No visceral popping or brapfags
Males ok
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