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Gentle Giantess Thread

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Sex Toy Transformation

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Any sex toy tf except sex doll there is already a thread for that.
Sex Doll TF Thread: >>8944243
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Parasites/living clothing thread

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Parasites, infestations, living clothing and similar all welcome.
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Extra Hairy Girls

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Girls with a lot of body hair. Futa is fine too.
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Inflation General

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back again. Now go ahead, post inflation shit.
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/conj/: Speculation Contemplation Edition

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Last thread, the following interesting prompt was posted:

>A ritual is discovered that can physically conjoin four people side-by-side. Said ritual is incredibly easy to perform— all four individuals must place their hands on a square, stone-carved frustrum, recite their names, and then close their eyes. Once the ritual is complete, they're conjoined in such a way where all participants are sandwiched side-by-side, with the outer ones possessing an arm and a leg (the one farthest right has their right arm and leg, the one on the farthest left, left limbs.).The genitals of all participants are left unaltered (if not slightly closer together), and they can only feel sensations on their respective parts of the body.

>Immediately after the ritual's discovery, it's taken advantage of widely. Life-ruining schoolyard bets are made, drunk clubbers find themselves conjoined to strangers, and conjoinment fetishists all over the world bask in the huge amount of media produced by pornstars willing to sacrifice their privacy for a couple of extra hits. Polygamy rises everywhere this is conducted, and different-gender "quartets" have embarrassing eight-person sex. Occasionally, reports come in where women, complete strangers, are forced to perform this ritual against their will; other times people who've never heard of the "stone slab" ritual are made to conduct it a a joke and then end up having to re-learn to walk together.

So, to start off, If you could choose three people to be conjoined to you in this manner, who would you chose? If you would not want to be part of it, which four people would you like to see be conjoined in this method?
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Time Stop and Freeze - We're back, bitch!

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Again another "Time Stop and Freeze", for those who had thought it was over, made a mistake, it can be said that this will be more active than the others, in short, approve, everything that has relationship with "TS" is valid here, the focus is hentai, but if there is a hot scene from an anime, manga, or even books, it’s already worth it, let the posts start ...
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>No Blueberry thread for at least a week
come on /d/
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Countdown to Autism Edition

Last Thread:
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Same Size Vore Thread 143

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Bigots mad edition

Prev .. >>No.8976823
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