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Plant Thread - No Spam Edition

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If posting a full story, just pick one or two pages that represent rhe contents and post a link.

Don't murder my thread with your post-limit-eating 40-page garbage.
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Insect Thread
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Male inflation thread

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Old one died.Let's start it up again!
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How I became my sister's cockslave 2

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Welp, someone deleted my thread for giggles.

Anyway, here we go.

Previous thread: >>5171119

Story so far: Maya is your futanari dicksister and wants to fuck you silly. You're being forced to crossdress and she wants you to be her slave. You've agreed to be her girlfriend, but you want to know how she feels about you, since you want her to be yours as well.
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Insect/Monster/Cryptid General
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BBW/SSBBW/Fat Thread

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Fat Witch Edition
>Last Thread: >>8860793
>Otafuku Thread: >>8748138
>Male Fats: >>8843697
>Futa Fats: >>8831311
>Monstergirl Fats: >>8872153
Let's keep the waifufagging and lolifagging to a minimum again, lads, and the baby fights too. Monstergirls and Futas can be posted here too assuming their threads get archived.
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Female Same Size Vore #131

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Synergistic Edition

Previous Thread: >>8875276
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Male Giant Thread

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Can't find last thread

Post Felix
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Body part swap/detachment
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Headswap Thread

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Head swap thread

Previous thread: >>8716454
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