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Fusion/Assimilation Thread

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Why wouldn't you absorb someone and add their attributes to yours?
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Giant Male(s) Thread - Big Shinji Edition

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Previous Thread
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Best pokégirl edition
Old: >>8918610
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Bodysuit / Skinsuit / Kawamono

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Bump limit reached, time for a new thread

Starting with some good old Dachaku artworks

Previously on /d/ : >>6470589
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Thicc/chubby futa thread

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No fatties/landwhales though.
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Monster Girl Transformation thread

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Post guys/girls turning into Monster Girls. Stories are welcome. Plus, this artist seems familiar
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Giantess Vore

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thread, according to /d/'s rules, you need to start threads with at least 5-6 images. That's why your thread got pruned.

Last thread:>>9075882
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Previous: >>9040733

To the guy who made the last thread, according to /d/'s rules, you need to start threads with at least 5-6 images. That's why your thread got pruned.
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Shrinking women Thread

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naughty SW addition
Alright, the last thread reached the bump limit. Time for a new thread!

How about some more images and text from the SW’s point of view?
Or if you have some other fun ideas, please share them :)

Last thread: >>9009569
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Favorite futanari/shemale artist

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Rate your top 3 futa/shemale artists at the moment.
For me it's:
1) Uno makoto
2) Mofuringu
3) Doxy
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