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Corruption Thread

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Girls and women being corrupted into evil, villainous or generally negative beings.

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Female Restraint +

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Idea expanded from a quicksand/sticky restraint thread (>>9541545). Let's see if it works.
Girls being held against their will by quicksand, sticky substances, giant snakes, tentacles, normal bondage, solid objects, etc. The more powerless the best. The less wiggle space the best.
Add-ons like rape, asphixia, sinking/drowning, constriction, etc are encouraged as long as they don't eclipse the restraint itself. No hypnosis ideally, as it takes away the fun of seeing the girl struggle.
Have fun!
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/conj/ - Scenario Edition, Part 2

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The last conjoinment thread was pretty good and got a bunch of scenarios for it. What are your favorite scenarios? Would you want to be conjoined in some way, or do you just imagine yourself as some sort of invisible spectator? Don't be afraid to share.

Here is my favorite, which was posted by an anon:
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Female same size vore.
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Favorite Giantess.

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My favorite Giantess, Makenna.


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It's better photoshopped edition

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Giantess/Size Thread

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Old thread, since it's autosaging and on the near the bottom:
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Inflation General 2021 edition

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Old thread >>9467039
Post inflated waifus, full body, belly only, blueberrys etc.
Same rules as always
Happy and horny year
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Uno Makoto

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Happy year of the Cow! A thread for anything about Uno as he's streaming recently and might take commissions soon.
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Another Headless/Detachment thread

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-No cheap edits
-No men only/yaoi
-No furry
-No gore
>No excessive bumping (without pictures)
>No shilling your Discord/Skype/Gumroad/Whatever
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