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"Those last threads didn't reach bump limit fast enough, we have to FILL THEM FASTER. MORE DRAMA ! MORE PAPERS ON BOOBS ! MORE AUTISM ! MORE BLOODSHED !...actually no, i'm a gentlefag...sorry about that." edition

Previous thread : >>8250684
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Yasen edition

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Ninjartist Thread
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disturbing lack of selfsuck, can we fix that?
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It's Game Time /d/!

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I participated in this game a while ago and I thought it was a lot of fun. I was hoping it would have started back up again, but I guess I'll have to do it.

Describe something vague about the Pic Above and post a picture that falls along that characteristic.
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Conjoinment / Merge

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I knew something was missing!
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Elastic thread

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Last one got archived so I’ll start a new one I guess
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New Linty

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Don't know if you've heard.
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Huge trap/femboy cock

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Anything from "holy shit that's big" to hyper welcome.
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