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Dare Thread.

Regular rules. You post a dare for the post above then you say your likes, dislikes and objects

So I would say:

Likes: Anal, watersports, body-writing (if that is a thing), cum-play
Objects: 2 dildos, one 7" one 10". A buttplug 5" inch length, very wide. General household items

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Can we start an equal treatment threat? Boys and girls having the same lewd things happening to them. Saw one ages ago, need a new one. Ben 10 seems to be the main source, any other is most welcome

Futa self suck

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Wish there were some writefags to make stories about this fetish
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Squishing, Flattening, Shape Change

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New thread
Bonus points if you find any of this artists (don't ask for his name he always changes it)older work. I've been keeping an archive of this guy to save his work however It's mostly newer stuff. I started my archive in 2013 so if you have or know to find stuff from 2012 and earlier that would be grate.
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Giantess / Size

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Ends-when-it-gets-to-the-good-part edition
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Bodysuit/Skinsuit/Kawamono Thread

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A weekend alone 9

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anyone has this? please?


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old thread
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