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/onara/ #49 - Gas General

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Previous thread:>>8391905
Onara/Eproctophilia Resources: nyou.booru.org (Fart Image Aggregation)
gas.booru.org (vintage and rare onara art)
Pixiv tags: おなら , オナラ, 放屁, 屁
General Fart Discord/Roleplay Server:

>Keep in variety, try not to post the same artist's work heaps of times in a row unless it's new stuff
>No furry (monster girls are allowed though) vomit or poop. Toilets are allowed if she's farting and we can't see any scat.
>Be kind.
>Don't post art that isn't of decent quality
>Please don't post pictures with girls that have grotesque looking bodies.
>Having the images mix with a couple of separate fetishes is fine, as long as the main emphasis is on the gas itself.
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penis loss thread

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A catchall thread for dick shrinking, dick asset theft, penectomy - basically any fetish wherein someone ends up with less penis than they started with.
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Male to Futa/Shemale Thread

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lets get a thread for the feminization/ transformation of males to dickgirls going
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Uno Makoto

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Stream happened so here we go again.
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Penis comparation

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Greetings to all! In honor of the fact that I finally sorted my collection of pictures, I decided to share it with you. It’s not all the same for me to drag down hundreds of pictures from this site, I need to give out something back =).

My pack is mainly devoted to the topics of Trap / Shemale / Futanary, but there are other pictures. There are assemblies on fairly rare topics. Everything is laid out in different archives, so you will not have to download everything to get pictures of one subject that interests you. Separately, filled the archive with a full pack - for those who need everything at once.

A little explanation about how I share the pictures:
Futanary - the image clearly shows the presence of both female and male genital organs.
Shemale - the male genitals are clearly visible on the image, but the female ones either do not exist or they are not visible. The characters have a pronounced chest.
Traps is similar to Shemale, but there is no pronounced chest.

So, let's proceed to the analysis of what I brought to you!

(Links will be in the first comments, because there was not enough room for them in the post.)
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New Femdom Tickling Shota Artist

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I recently got into Daz Studio the other day, and started working on artwork like this. Anyone want to give me some ideas or advice?
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Boys made to crossdress or transformed to be girly of any kind. Preferably Girls helping/forcing Boys into being made more girl.
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idk why, but i find these incredibly hot, does anyone have anything else like them?
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