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Little titty traps

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Tired of cross-dressing males with huge tits!
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Elastic Girls - We Back

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Elastic thread

Been a while. Do the right thing.
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Gaping Assole Thread

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Post gaping or stretched-open asses
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Please lewd the rifles

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Please lewd the rifles
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Pee/Omorashi/Watersports Thread - Bursting Bladder Edition

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All_The_Way_Through Thread

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Super long!
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Globalized Fetish

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There's been so many of these threads at this point that I don't feel that this needs an explanation.

It starts very slowly, you might see one walking down the street in very crowded metropolitan cities or other cosmopolitan locations. You think they're from some obscure third-world country brought over to try and bring them civilization but they act perfectly normal even if you have trouble understand their accents. That, and those people tend to be extremely short and these are strikingly taller than a healthy European adult either male or female.

Then you start seeing a few more. Maybe attending some massive university or working in a multinational corporation. You'd think they exist solely to fill some sort of "woman of color" diversity quota but they seem to hold their own, not that you or anybody else actually know what they do.
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Fap Like Image Below II

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Naked chicks in tubes!
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