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hypnosis thread!

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last one got archived and i didn't see another.

i declare a thread theme: if you've been hypnotized irl, or seen a hypnosis show, tell us about it, and we will all masturbate.
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Monster Births! Figuratively and Literally.

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We've had many pregnancy/birth threads but this is one where the "baby" has no regard for the mother's wellbeing and just wants out! Bonus points for stretching the pussy open from the inside and crawling out.
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Do as you please. (Too casual, emotionless or multi tasking)

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1) Emotionless sex or touching/groping
2) Girls that allow themselves to be used by anybody (no bondage)
3)Multi tasking sex/foreplay
4) any with the same note
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sleepsex thread

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Post cute girls sleeping or getting fucked in their sleep. Free MacBook pro if it's yuri.
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Fat traps/cute boys

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Post your fattest traps or any pics of chubby cute boys you have
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Body swap

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It is quite hard to find content.
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Monster/creature vore

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Weight Gain thread

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Where skinny girls get fat and fat girls get fatter
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Head swap

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Headswap thread
Gonna start by dumping some of anon's work
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who can simply claim your soul
and demand your total obedience
holding your very existence in Her palm
with you totally at Her mercy...
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