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Women Transformed and Ruined

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Bonus if they have permanent changes and are distressed.
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lewd super strength

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hard mode: no/minimal muscles
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/d/ Size Oral

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Girls taking on the impossible task of sucking a penis as big as their arm
Or bigger, because this is /d/ after all
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Let's have a Multilimbs/Extra limbs thread going!
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Do as you please. (Too casual, emotionless or multi tasking)

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1) Emotionless sex or touching/groping
2) Girls that allow themselves to be used by anybody (no bondage)
3)Multi tasking sex/foreplay
4) any with the same note
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traps. any kind of trap
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Girls bitten by vampires

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Nom Nom
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cowgirls, holstaurus, hucows, or whatever you call them
-bonus for milking
-biggest titties are the better
-additional udders accepted, no futas allowed
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Vaginal Prolapse Thread

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Anal prolapse also welcome.
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Where do you go for stories Related to Your Interests, /d/?
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