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nipple penetration

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Have not seen a single nipple penetration thread so why not start one now?
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Taker Pov Handsfree

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Guy/futas cumming just from being fucked in the ass, no dick contact involved. Here's the twist; it's from their Pov. Really hoping someone has some more of this.

Ball busting thread

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Something I found a month back, let's see what you've got 4chan <3
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Elastic Person times!

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KanColle trap/newhalf/futa/crossdressing thread

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Try to keep the art good, and in particular the anatomy and proportions good.

Strike witches and touhou also welcome. Trap momiji is too good for this world.
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Petrification/Inanimation Thread 16

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"Nothing has come close to this, even after all these years" edition.
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Spherical Inflation / Blueberry thread

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Reverse NTR/Cheating/Reverse Cucking/Cuckquean/Homewreckers Thread

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Old thread hit bump limit:

>Taken men fucking girls who aren't their SO
>Girls stealing men from other girls
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Omg my dick can't take anymore and I want to sleep all day long. How on earth can life be any harder than I throbbing dick atm.

Like is it that hard to make some decent inflation porn, like anything irl, literature or drawn Shit. I don't care anymore, I've lowered my fap standards so much just so I can get through the day.

Is it that hard for a girl to grab like a shower hose or whatever, insert it into her ass and record herself expanding.

Also enema based inflation thread, any kind if substance through a hose is fine.
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Futas Comparing Cocks

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Direct or indirect, SPH or no SPH.
Futas only.
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