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Futas fucking dudes up the ass

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Giantess Vore: internal edition

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Currently digesting >>8220789
Post the best GTS vore images with internal views, either cutaways or separate panels
Bonus points for female prey
Bonus points for images that weren't posted in the last couple of threads
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Curse thread (Volume VI)

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I want to see more of that sweet writefaggotry, so pic below is the new you, but there's a catch.
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Pic below is your new body and your job/role in the fantasy world called "Fuckdom"

Welcome to Fuckdom, it's a fictional world where people don't age or die as long as they have sex atleast once a day. As a result this world is filled with nothing but horny people and creatures. This world has a lot of unique things like orgy festivals, amusement sex park, tentacle pets, monster breeding farm for sex etc.

In this game you can post the body for the previous anon and very importantly what role/job the anon will be doing in this society.

Here are some of the jobs in this land : (feel free to create your own)
> Public cum dump
> Monster breeder
> Stress reliever
> Sex teacher
> Imperial Knight
> Adventurer
> Dominatrix
> Farmer.

Also feel free to add your own fiction of this world, like imaginary places, festivals etc.
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Petplay/BDSM Thread #64 - The Big Booty Human-Cat Party

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Something something Swat Kats in the original title, furries, idk.
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New hyperpreg thread, since the last one got deleted.
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Elastic thread

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Last one got archived so I’ll start a new one I guess
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Melting/Slime/Goo Thread #2

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Previous thread: >>8213927
> Rules for thread:
> Post anything related to melting TFs or people being TF'd into slime/goo
> Slime/goo people are allowed
> Can post any of the above if it contains another TF or/and fetish (i.e. someone being flattened and melted, slime girl showing ass, etc.)

Original thread got archived, so I thought of continuing it just in case anyone missed out. Like the last one, get slimed.
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disgusting women

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bonus point for transformation
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