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Giantess Anal Vore thread.

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This thread for giantess anal vore.

Also, in addition to posting the image, I remember from years ago, this image had a version where she farted with the micro in her ass, but I cannot find it anywhere, even where it used to be posted. Anyone have it on their files?
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Dick growth

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Boy's penises expanding. Last thread died.
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"Vanilla" pregnancy thread 12 KING CHARLIE EDITION

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Previous thread >>7532707

100% medically accurate pregnancies only. Hyper, futa and mpreg shit goes in its respective thread.

OC is highly encouraged.

Friendly reminder that all must bend the knee to Charles of House Habsburg, Second of his name, King of the Admins and the First Memes, Lord of the Seven Boards, and Protector of 4chan
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Tiny Fairy Girls

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Tiny fairy girls around cocks.
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Open Mouth Hentai Thread

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Also I drew this u like?
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Head swaps

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Bodysuit/Skinsuit/Kawamono Thread

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Bomb peril thread

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Girls wearing, tied to, or stuffed with explosives.

Hey anon, did you know you can just be a girl?

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Millions of trans girls around the globe have decided to stop pretending and live the lives they always wanted. I should know--I'm one of them. Will tonight be the night you finally admit you're one of us too?

ITT: "Realistic" traps/futa. No monster dongs or beach ball tits, just normally proportioned femmes.
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Comfy Bondage Thread part 2

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Previous thread
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