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Heavy rubber, gas masks, etc.

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Can't get enough of this.
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Futa cock vore

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Sex toy thread

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Girls using dildos, anal beads, butt plugs, and fuck machines!
Bonus points for DP or latex
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Possession Transformation thread

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Post people (preferably girls) being possessed and transformed
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Boobies in pain

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They may or may not like it
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Public Scat Thread

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Found a few hot doujins featuring girls (mostly schoolgirls) pooping and pissing in public.

Cum to the one below

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Do your worst, but remember, you have to cum to the post below yours.
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does anyone here like bloodplay? not gore or anything nasty, just blood, cutting, and so on. is that even the right term for it? i cant ever find any content of it..
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Bisexual Thread #3

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Men and women who are into both men and women, share the love!
Previous Thread: >>7801644
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Urethra insertion, sounding, docking

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Things getting put in dick holes. Futa or male (preferably femdom if so). One of my favorite fetishes
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