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"Vanilla" pregnancy thread 13 THIS MEME JUST WON'T FUCKING DIE EDITION

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100% medically accurate pregnancies only. Hyper, futa, vore, and mpreg belong in their respective threads.

OC, especially that of his grace, Charles of House Habsburg, Second of his name, King of the Admins and the First Memes, Lord of the Seven Boards, and Protector of 4chan, and his queen, pregnant Anne Frank is highly encouraged.

Now bend the knee you fuckers
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Give me the nastiest, fattest, gassiest, and most disgusting girls you can find!

- No trap
- No furry/monster girls
-Bonus points for sweat, farts, burps, or visible body odor
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Tentacle Thread

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There's tentacle pits, tentacle on male, but not outright tentacle.

lets fix that
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Petrification/Freeze/InanimateTF Thread

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Previous thread: >>7631177

Rectifying botched attempt to make a new thread. Food TF should largely be its own thing unless people are being turned into food without being physically inflated or altered.
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Realistic reaction to non-con

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Less than content
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Cyclops/Monoeye Thread: Spooky Autumn/Halloween Edition

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Previous thread >>7467997

More info: http://pastebin.com/FWm01NPB
SFW thread >>>/c/2973177

Halloween's a-coming, and its about time a certain monoeye got OP. Lets make this a fun autumn!
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Small Penis Humiliation

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New thread. Seems like there is a shortage of material, so lets allow implied sph or cuck stuff also.

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Horsecock futa thread
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Let's see some girls and boys getting themselves bent out of shape!

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Young Girls With Nasty Men

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New Thread!
The last one went spectacularly so lets get it going again

Give me your fat, your old, your disgusting, your ugly, and your deformed. Just so long as they're human. No monsters allowed. Futas and traps are also okay.
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