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Hung Trap Thread

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Old thread died and hasn't been replaced.
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Puffy vulva

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Because the old one got saged and no one has posted a new one yet.
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Again discord for traps and other gay bullshit. We welcome anyone.
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Self-revolving fetishes

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A thread for those with fetishes that involve something happening to you. Like rather than liking monster girls/guys, you'd want to be one. Discussion thread for them with questions

>What's your fetish to apply to yourself?
>Sexual Orientation?
>Does this fetish go for only you, or do you like to see it on others too?
>How'd you get this fetish?
>Weirdest fantasy
>If you could become whatever it is forever, would you take it?
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Let's have some laughs.
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[Enema Inflation thread]

Basically any kind of substance through a hose into her bum counts.

Bonus points for new content.

Also I'm a retard and would like to ask these 2 attempts to be deleted...
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Spread Pussy/Anus Under Clothes

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How is there no tentacle thread?
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Anal Monsters

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Monsters going in the back door. Female or traps okay but no other males.
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