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Looking for suggestions for something to watch with the mrs.

I have never really bothered with the whole hentai thing but we are into the bdsm lifestyle, we enjoy the submissive female / dominant male aspects mostly, are there any decent seasons or animated movies we should check out?

Not too fussed about fuckedupness, shes pretty open minded and it's pretty much her idea.

Bisexual Presenting

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Dunno if this is /d/ stuff but anyway.

"Presenting" with both a girl and a guy. There isn't much of this.

Bonus point if it focuses on the dick instead of the boypussy for the guy.
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Fearboner Thread

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excessive bondage thread

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the more the better

futa and trap are fine
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Ribbon laced piercings
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Inflation thread because no normal inflation thread exists at the moment
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Egg thread

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In honor of Easter let's get an oviposition thread going
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latex thread

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latex thread
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Cum Inflation
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Undead girls

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Looking for good skeleton, zombie and ghost girls.
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