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Wet and Messy/WAM thread

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Post girls covered in food, slime, mud or paint.

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Festival masks, lace masks, Halloween masks, executioners hoods, plague doctors and other face coverings.

I have a mask fetish and a lack of content, so anything rad is appreciated. Pic related.
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traps, futas, femboys and general fucktoys with a set of cock and balls. (Tits optional)
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Flattening/Shape Change Thread: Cartoon Physics Has Never Been Sexier Edition +

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You know the drill lads.
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Hairy Girls

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Post girls (or futas) with hairy bodies, could be pubes, armpits, or maybe even something more extreme like fluffy chests, or balls for the futas!

Bonus points for extra bushy, fluffy excessive hair.


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T H I C C futas/dickgirls. E X T R A T H I C C allowed as well.

OP doesn't have a lot.
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Belly Stuffing Thread

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Bonus points for force feeding or obvious discomfort.
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spoils of war/price of defeat

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Post monsters having their way with women, defeating warrior women and raping them, kidnapped princesses used as sex slaves, etc.

Prefer giant monsters, ogres, demons, devils and the like to wimpy imps, golems, and other small creatures. Also prefer humanoid things instead of lizards, pigment, wolves, or anything else that would feel more like bestiality than not.
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Choke-hold thread!

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Why is choke-holding hentai so hard to find?

Anything goes! Can be as gentle or as rough as you like but try to avoid the guro pls~
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disgusting looking smelly feet/socks
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