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Globalized Fetish Conception

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(Springing into Degeneracy Edition)

You have been given the ability to alter the human race as you see fit. Whether it is human biology, the biology of the sexes, cultural norms/customs, or other races living on the planet (sentient or not), you have the ability to change it all but with one simple rule:

You are not exempt from these effects.

How do you make the planet your dream-cum-true?

>Writefagging, greentexts, RPs, discussions, and mix-and-match are heavily encouraged
>The only bad idea is the one you don't post!
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Same-sized vore male preds

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Post those big bellied, hungry men/boys here!
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Futas/traps with large dicks

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so since i found out about plants and hentai literally a week ago and for some reason i have been obsessed with it

can someone give me a list of good hentai with plants and flowers or whatever and post some photos?
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/erotic lit general/ - /elg/

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let's spice things up around here and have a nice friendly /erotic lit/ thread.

this can be all kinds of erotic lit that revolves around /d/-type fetishes, or even just vanilla, if we're running low on content to bump with. not tied to any specific fetishes, so post anything you feel like! it can be anything from links to artists' pages to individual story/pastebin links.

when you post, try to give it a short description or fetish genres (e.g. futa, growth, flattening) as well, to save the nice people of /d/ their precious time.

gonna start off with a few of my personal favorites:

>shapeshifters, succubi, omnipotence
>caption-based, omnipotence themed
>female muscle growth, feats of strength
>super-powers, wincest
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BIG MUSCLED GIRLS (preferred females but futa also goes)
who can come home, ride me until my dick is sore and then strap-on fuck my asshole twice it's size, beat my prostate up until im cross-eyed and drooling .
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All things femboi

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Dickgirls, traps, shemales, futanari, whatever you want to call it. If it has a penis and feminine features, this is the thread.
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Futa/femboy Ass

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Futanari/femboy with nice ass
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Females being humiliated/tortured/dominated by other females.

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Mother and daughter in kinky situations (sisters are okay too)
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