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Femdom Foot Worship Thread

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I need more femdom foot humiliation/worship
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Futanari Bulges

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Post them all, small medium big or HUGE. just post futanari bulges.
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Orgasm Denial / Edging

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There's surprisingly little good art of this.

Since it's often hard to know whether someone in an image is being denied an orgasm/is edging themselves without dialogue, there's gonna be a little benefit of the doubt with dialogue-less / untranslated images.

Chastity is great too but let's not make it the focus.
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Tomboy thread

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If it's femdom it's even better.
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Shape Change/Flattening

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For those of us who like to see girls (and guys) crushed, compressed, contorted or otherwise reshaped in a variety of ways.

Previous thread: >>7370952
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Futa Presenting

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Whether they're waiting for your mouth, pussy or ass, post pics with Futa presenting their cocks to the camera!
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Pregnancy thread

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futa welcome
monster preg ok
Wierd preg also ok
no male pregnacy
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Futa thread


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/size/ game dev hell edition

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Uglification transformation

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Girls becoming disgusting creatures / transforming into ugly versions of themselves
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