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Hypnosis/Mind Control

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Too Big to Fit

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Overdeveloped girls who having problems fitting somewhere
Could be because their breasts, butt, belly, size (mini-giantess / amazon), futa
everything is welcome
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I'm drawing a comic and I would like you to tell me what happens next. Anyone want to play?
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Futa Giantess Thread - Kitsune Edition

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Rubber/Elastic Stretchiness

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post some extended goodness with less drama this time pls
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SSBBW/BBW/Fat thread

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Last thread:
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Dickgirl on cuntboy

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Pregnant Balls

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Post futas with pregnant balls
This fetish deserves more porn.
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Is ryona a /d/ thing?
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"Vanilla" pregnancy thread 15

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previous thread


"medically accurate" pregnancy

Hyper, futa, vore, and mpreg belong in their respective threads
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