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Fat Boys

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I just want more love for big boys as much as I like big girls
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hentai where characters are focused on how big that dick is
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Belly button thread. :)

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Melty Absorby Mergy Thread

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Melting people, Merging people, Absorbing people, People losing form

Bring it all here, keep it /d/ and keep your deviantart sfw shit out.

Keep it lewd but not nessecarily nude. I wanna see those titters and penors merging as one
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Dorse Thread

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To the uninitiated, dorses are sexy women who have been transformed into horselike creatues. They also have something relevant to them shuffed up their ass to give them wood and complete their dorse transformation. All are happy to contribute.
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Bad End/Mind Break

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Can we get a thread about bad ends? Especially lengthy mangas that take their time building up to the ending? The worse the ending the better. Bonus points for the good stuff (stomach bulge, all the way through, inflation, etc.)
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Women forcing, coercing or coaxing males into gay sex.

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Incase is such a great artist I almost feel like he's basically just invented this fetish I can't get out of my head now.

I love the kind of cuckoldy aspect to it. How it seems like Link probably would never have done this if Zelda hadnt asked or told him to.

I'll post everything I can find that's even close to it, but to honest part of my reason for starting this thread is the devil of a time I've had finding more of this incredibly specific fetish.
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Shrunken Women/ Fairies

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Tiny ladies, M/f or F/f

Side note:
I remember someone mentioning last year that they had contacted Toyogub. I think some guy from Hong Kong or China was trying to buy art off of him and visited him in Tokyo. Anyone know how to get in touch with Toyogub? Maybe an e-mail, or know where he frequents online?
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Galko and friends

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I got this idea from the futa quest thread as a the roll poster so let's have at it Galko thread!
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hello /d/, it happens that my bf is also really into tentacles and I'd really like to know like what kind of fantasies you people you have and if this just revolves his masturbation sessions or if it somehow could be brought in bed, it doesn't bother me, I just want to know, I asked him a bit but he's embarassed to talk about his fetishes.
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