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Strictly girls doing the licking.

>Bonus points if they arent forced and do it for their own pleasure

shoe/stockings/sock worship is also allowed in here as long as its the girl worshiping
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>Dump pictures you'd like to see captioned with some pointers on what you'd like it to be about
>host the resulting captions on another site

would this be against the rules? no captions would be posted here.

Futa on male / Dickgirl on male

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Trap Naraku

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*A few things to note INB4 "that's incest!"
- This is apart of my AU where Naraku has just become Naraku from the multiple demon's spawned and he killed kikyo. It takes place about 3 months after it happened.
- He is going in and out of mental consciousness/ memory loss and he often forgets who he is and what he is doing.
- Not long after he was wondering around the forest, a middle aged ronin finds him stumbling on the trail and takes him in.
- Naraku accept his offer and sort of just lives there and begins to start a relationship with the Shogun in exchange for living there in his castle.
- every night until morning he sleeps with him and during the day, the Shogun leaves the house to him and pretty much lets him do whatever he wants.... UNTIL Naraku finds a peculiar but beautiful Demon, Sesshomaru, traveling through the area and he goes to find him every day.
Now at this point is where this piece comes in:
This is one of the mornings before the Shogun leaves and Naraku asks him for the first time, "When will you be back Otosan?"
This is in reference to Daddy/Papa in the context of a sugar daddy or a way to boost the Shogun's ego. not in a kinship type of way.

Male Giant Thread

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Post giant male stuff here
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Post any headless girl's picture please

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Old thread:#7474135
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Cock vore thread

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Monster Vore

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Lets get a monster vore thread rolling.

Preferably worms, slugs and other slimy things
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Post below happens to you

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Last one hit the 250 image limit.
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