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Tall girls, amazons and Mini-gts.

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Basically girls anywhere from around 6-20feet tall relative to their surroundings (a 5'8 girl with her 5'0 boyfriend is fine too).

Old thread >>7267518

If you really really want to post futa okay but don't drown the thread in it and make sure it's good. Muscle is similar, post some sure but the muscle and hypermuscle threads are probably better. Western shit not even slightly styled on anime goes to /aco/
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Indonesian man's body found inside python - police

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Gentlemen, let us take this moment to bid
farewell to a great fellow hero who died
practicing his vore fetish for science and the greater good.

A moment of silence please.

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So we're all into weird shit here, but what is the most overboard unexplainable fetish shit you guys have ever seen>
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Emotionless femdom

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Post your stone cold kuudere waifus indifferently inflicting forced pleasure/torment on some chap.
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Super strength thread

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Post any and all pics of women or futas with showing strength, without an excessive amount of muscles.
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If you have a fetish, is it common to be aroused by just the fetish in non-sexual or teasing but non-explicit contexts?

I realized that this is what's happened to me and wanted peoples' opinions on whether it's a regular thing or not.
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The amazon position

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An extremely rare yet amazing position
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leave this place

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Jim Profit

Slave/Maid/Pet traps/crossdressers fucked by dom futas

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All a trap needs is a loving futa dom that uses his sissy little ass to please her cock, fill him with cum, break him, make him scream, beg for more, while dressed like a slave maid, or a bitch - every single day, for the rest of his life.
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