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Trap/Sissy Abuse Thread

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Could we get a thread going where traps/sissies are being abused or raped by dicks? Futa and non-futa welcome as long as its trap fucking.
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Shrunken Women Hentai

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As many shrunken women as you like though if anyone has ones with this height difference I'd appreciate it
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This thread is about traps with reverse traps, an hetero couple whose genders are different from it's look, and you dont realize they're the opposite sex until the clothes are removed.
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Muscle Girls III

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Post all strong and cut gals, as always, this isn't the hyper thread, anything that would fall under that category goes there. As per usual, futa is allowed, but the main focus is still muscled girls.
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bonus points for blue/purple/pink colors
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I need more poke-girls
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Download link

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Does anyone have this video?

Slave Worshiping their Dom

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Just get down on my knees and engage in the objectively best fetish.
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If anyone can help me with this you guys can. I watched Big the other night and now my new fetish is children or young people getting aged up into adult bodies... with sexy results. It's something about the combination of the naive, child mind and the fully developed adult body that is making me diamonds right now. Does anyone know any hentai, doujins, comics, art, stories, or even games about this? I'd settle for fanfiction at this point.

In the meantime dumping the one incredibly depraved doujin that I know fits this criteria.
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