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Cum Dump Thread

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Post your
>Cum Dumps
>Public Whores
>Breeding toilets

Futas welcome
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Pregnant Traps and Pregnant Futas

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So long as it's got a dick and a baby belly, it's welcome here.
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VR thread

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/d/ content that involves VR
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Pic Below happens to you thread

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Last one hit image limit again
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This is a thread in which I will be posting feminine characters that also have penises. Futa, trap, shemale, etc. I typically don't like massive horsecocks so if you're into that this won't be your thing. Sorry for the excess of Ubanis, I like his stuff.
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Dick comparison/big dick worship thread (no futa)

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Large cock worship thread, through guys comparing their cocks, no futanari, no simple SPH (the larger member has to be present). Females can be involved, displaying love and submission for the larger one and mocking/rejecting the smaller.
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Nose fetish thread

Im really into nose play
>nose hooks
>nose bukakke
>girls getting off to dirty smells like smegma, farts, etc.
>nose licking
>lesbian snot (rare)
>cum/piss snorting
>nose penetration

>BONUS points for ahegao
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Dump me some eggs

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Looking for some crazy shit like this. Insects, tentacles or any other weird egg hatching/laying stuff... if you have the resources.

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You ever worry the internet has made you so much of a pervert that finding a real woman could be difficult?
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