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Fun with fetish porn

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See what kinds of /d/ material which is obviously porn you can slip through the filter at
Post best results
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Pussy boy thread?

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They don't have to be furry, that's just the one that I have.

TG time

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new TG thread - old one is old
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"How to deal with your Party" Edition.

Last thread was here: >>7290231
As per usual, links are here:

Also, we had a poll there, feel free to check the result :
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/onara/ #2 - Gas General

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Old Thread - >>7249825

Thread for farts and burps, enjoy!
>No furry (monster girls are A-OK though), vomit or poop (that includes toilet stuff).
>Be kind.
>Try not to post art that isn't of decent quality.
>Happy fapping!
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Corruption Thread

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Succubus transformation edition
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Nana-chan's android catalog

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Hello, /d/. I'm proud to release this project I've put together. The art is not mine, I've only done the translation and typesetting.

I'm still new at translating things. You've probably seen my translations in other robo-girl threads lately. I've been working on this in my spare time.

So let's join Nana-chan the android girl, as she shows us the many /d/ ways we can upgrade our robot girlfriends.
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Can we get a guro thread going?

I'm dumping my folder
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Latex Thread: Worship your Queen Edition

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Fresh off the presses. Thread question: Latex in fantasy art, good or bad?
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SPH & Other Male humiliation Thread

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SPH & all other aspects of male humiliation
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