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Snaketrap (BE/TG/Dick Growth)

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So Snaketrap has been dead to the internet for several years, and he took with him my favorite short comic.
Does anyone have "Wish" by Snaketrap?
Pic related
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Belly stuffing thread

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Please no vore, inflation, pregnancy, or weight gain. Those all have their own threads. This is for girls stuffing themselves silly with big bellies.
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Dildo Harnesses / Chastity Belts

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Petplay Thread #58 - Tears are the only lubrication

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No title modification needed. The best friends are fucked up.

Petplay time.
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Text Translation Thread

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Post your moonrunes and maybe some nice anon will come along and provide some english text or pic.
I need the text on this one, as it's the only pic in the set that doesn't have a translation on Gelbooru.
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Shrinking - Not too small edition...

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The old shrinking thread is gone, here is the new one!
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I never see any vomit threads so I thought I'd start one
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How does /d/ view their pictures?
I managed to build quite a collection of fap material but I have no way of viewing it on shuffle, the Photos app on windows 10 is complete bullshit and it's too late to roll back to 7, what should I do?
Also forced inflation thread
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