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Jordan Peterson

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yo my fetish is Jordan B Peterson with Nintendo Characters. Unfortunately there is almost nothing in the web, but I know you guys can help.

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Let's have a Multilimbs/Extra limbs thread going!
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Angelic Girls

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Holy pussy is the best of all pussies.
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Melting/Liquid People Fetish

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Lets give 'Melting May' another go in 2018, shall we? Post picture, comics or stories of girls, guys, futas, etc. melting. Preferably sexually aroused or in orgasmic bliss.
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Mouth thread: Sharp chompers edition

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Post mouths, teeth, and tounges, as long as it's not vore.
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Chloroformed girls

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All you gotta do is relax baby.
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Jewelry thread

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Any form of breathplay or asphyxiation.
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Toilet Use: /d/ edition

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Sox there's been a pretty successful thread on this topic on /e/, but that board doesn't allow bodily fluids. Thus, this thread.

This thread is for girls using the toilet as it's intended. This thread IS NOT for other piss variants like messing/wetting, diapers, piss drinking, watersports, public urination, etc. Let's see how well the /d/enizens can adhere to this.
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