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Futas producing absurd amounts of cum

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Last thread drowned.
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I want a consent thread.

consentacles, loving, willingness, giving themselves to aliens/tentacles, wanting to be or satisfied being in a tentacle pit, convincing others do be part of it, visible enjoyment., wanting to breed.

will be posting some of my favorite stuff.
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Giantess Vore

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Giantess Vore
ITT: Moment Before Disaster
Last Time:
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Giantess, Expansion, Futanari, Muscle

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Growth thread Time

If it grows, it's gold (Giantess, Expansion, Futanari, Muscle, and everything in between)

Just saw the thread go down here >>7837938
And though to bring out the......second ship after the first sunk to the.....

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Chastity General

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How are fellow anons doing in their cage/belt?
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Slavery Thread

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Remembering the thread title edition.

Previous thread: >>7924249

Pastebin story archive: http://pastebin.com/ir1QM5sr

World Building Questions
>What sort of slave owning world do you like to imagine? Modern, fantasy, sci-fi?
>Who are the slaves and who are the owners?
>What are slaves used for? How are they treated?

Personal Fantasy Questions
>Are your fantasies about owning slaves, being one, or both?
>What sort of slave(s) would you want?/What sort of master/mistress would you hope for?
>How would you use your slave(s)?/How do you imagine being used?
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Gentle Femdom / Role Reversal thread

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What's the best male to sissy transformation game?
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Cute girls getting bullied or humiliated
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Romantic thread

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Any kind of romantic situations
I would highly appreciate links
I usually read those when I just want to rest in bed so cuddles are pretty good
I would recommend you to post female-male or female-female stuff but any other prefference is fine
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