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Creature/Monster Vore

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Vore that has a non-human predator. Monster girls are accepted too. Vore with drowning, choking, or smothering is also highly preferred.
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Femdom/Gentle Femdom and Role Reversal General

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Previous sector: >>7428672

As per standard protocol:
>related hentai
>monster girls
>general lewdness
>dojinshi recommendations
>anime/manga recommendations
>preferably recommendations that are on-topic
>friendly discussion

And general cutesy strong-woman-dominating-a-submissive-guy material.
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Huge Asses / Ass Expansion Thread

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Last thread: >>7368835

A thread for the biggest butts you've got. Huge thighs, hips, and legs are also welcome. Discuss big butts or share big butts.
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Trap General

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Too specific with your traps ppl. Post your traps here. Bonus points for small cock and anal. Not too hung.
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Covered in cream, mud, chocolate, paint, milk, oil, slime, lotion etc... Anything that makes a giant mess. Crucially, NOT bodily fluids.
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Futa on Futa Thread

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Post your favorite futa on futa content.

Urethra fucking, impregnation, cumflation, you name it.
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Power Loss/Brought down to normal

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I don't quite know what to call this /d/, but I'm looking for women with superpowers(really strong, some sort of supernatural ability, etc.) losing those powers
For example, this story about a ghost slowly being turned human(and then attacked by tentacles)
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WYR Thread

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It's been a good while since we had one of these threads.

Would you rather...

A: Become a attractive woman with excellent social skills and natural likability. But your old self is still in the back of your mind while your body runs on autopilot, so you could be stuck in a situation where something very bad is about to happen and you know exactly how to stop it but despite your best efforts you can't do anything and can't express your frustrations to anybody because it's another you who does the talking and she's much better at it.
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Male size thread

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Big bois go here
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Male Vore thread

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Male preds here
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