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Robot girls and living dolls thread

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Post robot girls, living dolls and similar stuff.
All types of robot girls are welcome.
Previous thread: >>7498627
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Male on Futa

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A.K.A guys fucking chicks with giant dicks, not the other way around.
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Green skinned babes

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Post any and all sexy pictures of your favorite green skinned women. Futa is accepted and so is cosplay.
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/d/ Edit Thread

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Because the old one died
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Normal inflation thread because for some reason people got upset now we have to have 2 separate threads
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Fucking machine thread

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Last thread reached its limit. Post pics related to machines. Bonus points for pods and capsules!
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Spanking thread

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Implement Edition. How many kinds of implements are there?

Last thread was here: >>7516635

As per usual, links are here:

Relationship advices about fictional characters, dreams, video games, as long as it's spanking...
Also, we had a poll there, feel free to check the result :
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Anal Gaping/Expansion

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Anal Gaping/Expansion
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Dmitrys Fanclub

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Post your favorite Dmitrys art. That's it.
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New Pee/omorashi/watersports thread(Xray bladder edition)

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Last one is at bump limit.
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