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/c&d/ - Censored & Denial General

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OLD THREAD: >>7319126

>Post intentionally censored images.
>Deny anons what they crave!
>Censor your own favorite images!
>Censor Anon's waifu!
>Censor your own waifu, she is especially too good for your eyes, don't you think?
>NO NUDITY!!! (Request images by linking to them off-site!)
>Have fun!

>Want us to censor your waifu? Submit your request here:
https://goo (dawt) gl/forms/Xxf8VcduZQJgIlHi1

>Thread Waifu's, please consider censoring:

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Giantess Vore

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Kamala Edition

Last Thread: >>7309426
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Futa x Futa / Futa x Male. Futa ALWAYS Bigger
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Headless/Detachment #5

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Thread for living headless/dullahan/general detachable people. It's good as long as it isn't whole
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fun with a bit more skin
last thread>>7182770
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General vore thread.
>no cock vore
>no gigantis
>female prey
>no furries
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/d/eviant Voice Thread

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When it's too hot for /h/ and /soc/, you can always count on /d/ to fulfill your Deep Dark Fantasies. This thread is for /d/ related audio.

If you'd like to do recordings and not sure what you can do, give us a sample of your work/voice on websites like and if someone likes it, they may have a request for you.

If you have a request, we don't have too many voicefags yet, so your request might not be answered for a few days.
Please have a script, caption, or other text you would like to have read, most people may not be able to come up with them on their own so it's best you bring your own. Asking for improv is allowed, just know most performers might not have a desire to do it.

We are also trying to grow a community for this topic, as well as other /d/ related art (Writing and Drawing) that supplements the audio. Our discord is so check it out if you are interested. Let the admin or a mod know what sort of art you do, that way if someone is looking for a certain kind of artist, they can just @ the group.

If the audio is not selected for download on, please do not post steps to download it. If the performer does not have it marked for download, chances are they do not want it archived.
Try asking the performer privately if you can have the file.

1. Be patient. We all have lives outside of this thread. Requests take time to fill.
2. Do not harass anyone in the thread for any reason.
3. Keep critiques fair and constructive.
4. Happy fapping!!!

Old thread >>7317978
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Inhuman Birth

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Girls giving birth to something not human. Whether they are "Almost Human" demons, or straight up tentacle monsters, let us have a thread dedicated to the most beautiful thing in the world.
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Hyper Muscle Thread: Blast Thickneck edition

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Post absurdly beefy girls here.

Rules: No males, no TFs (Muscles growth is an exception), futa is allowed.

Previous thread: >>7274904

Made this one early just in case.
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how you found your fetish/kink? :thread 3

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last thread>>7278948
>what the kink(s)/fetish(es)
>what is your gender
>what is your sexual orientation
>what your country and ethincity
>what is your current a age
>the age you think, you found your kink(s)/fetish(es)
>the details of getting the kink(s)/fetish(es)

bonus questions
>detail how you masturbate
>what the weirdest thing you came to
>what was your best orgasm
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