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Monstergirls Thread Number 49: Knife Ears edition

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-Post Monstergirls
-Post them cute Monstergirls
-Monstergirl stories
-Monstergirl art
-And no gay, futa or trap shite

And posting elven women since elf girls "count as" monstergirls apparently.
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Recent Things - /d/ Edition

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New /d/ art from their original sources.
Based on DOT DOT DOT's /e/ threads.

Previous Thread: >>7635402
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Lactation Thread

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ITT: Lactation Thread, because you know you'd drink it all up.

Post anything and all things milky... Stories and discussions are welcome as long as you post pictures that are on-topic. Same goes for resources for those of you trying to get yourself to lactate/NBG (NBE).
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"Totally hetero" traps

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ITT: anything in the way of traps reasoning their way out of being gay, delusional or not. Big points for using derogatory terms (e.g. homo or faggot)
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/gfd/ & /rr/ General

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Gentle Femdom & Role Reversal General - Eat up edition

>related hentai
>greentext stories
>monster girls
>general lewdness
>Anime/mango recommendations
>friendly discussion

/gfd/ copypasta:
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Amputee thread!

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Dark transformation

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Transformations / body modifications with dark endings, mind wipes, etc
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Cooking/prep vore

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omorashi pee thread

Desperate girls, wetting clothing, etc.
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