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Otafuku thread

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Post thicc/fat matronly women with squinted/closed eyes.

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Feet thread 25

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Old thread: >>8227738
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Feet thread 26

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Old thread: >>8246194

Chastity Thread

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Last thread reached bump limit

Try posting more images so thread doesn't get deleted!
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Inanimate Sex Toy TF

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Turning people into tools for your own pleasure... post your sex toy transformation pictures!
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omorashi thread #3

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previous thread: >>8204262
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/cg/ - Corruption General

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Haven't posted that sweet sweet corruption for a while, so let's get one on the board.
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swap body thread

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Inflation thread: begone sphere cunts 2nd edition

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Because spheres are fucking boring and take no more talent than a circle tool. Last one was pretty successful, so let’s keep going.
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Pic below is your new partner

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i.e. girlfriend, wife, mistress, etc.
Everything is fine, as long as the art is good.
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