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Tentacle Clothing

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Need more of this in my life. Send me female, male, trap, or futa.
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SSBBW/BBW/Fat thread

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Previous thread:
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Huge cock thread

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Last one died to quick preferably no fit a cause we got enough of that floating around
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Bustyboy/Male Breast Expansion Thread

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Havnt had one of these in a bit, thought it'd be a good time to start one up.

Art is a commission made by Okioppai
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No Nut November

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Old thread 404'd while I was away.

No Nut November rules, no penile ejaculations.
Edge or do anal play regularly, if you cum ask in thread for punishment.

OP Update: Purchasing a cage for my punishment, will update when it arrives.
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Brain drain / IQ loss

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Packaged goods

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Vacuum packaging, hobble sacks, spider web, mysterious goo and the like. Boxes and packaging tape are also welcome.
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/d/-tan thread

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I remember seeing these all the time a year or so ago, but now it's been a while. How about we have a thread dedicated to our board's mascot?
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We were here : >>7684546

As per usual, links are here: https://gist.github.com/thingywhat/6a47593b849dbccb987e
If you have anything to add, mention it in the thread.

Relationship advices about fictional characters, dreams, video games, how to maximize pain, or how to write stories... As long as it's spanking.
Or you can just dump pictures.
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