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Inflation thread: begone sphere cunts 2nd edition

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Because spheres are fucking boring and take no more talent than a circle tool. Last one was pretty successful, so let’s keep going.
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Pic below is your new partner

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i.e. girlfriend, wife, mistress, etc.
Everything is fine, as long as the art is good.
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Uno Makoto Live

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Uno started drawing again but he didn't mention anything regarding the surgery if he already went through it or not. I think he did since it's been 2 weeks since he last streamed, he streamed today for over 3 hours, and he's playing RDR2 to boot.
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TG/Gender Bender/TSF thread

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New thread since old one's dying.

There's been a number of new releases in English recently (official and fan TL'd). Most notably for me, that old Kouji yuri-TSF comic got TL'd: https://exhentai.org/g/1304510/8113c9b50d/

Try to be civil and not police how people are enjoying things.
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Iconic /d/ Images

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Fetish Origins

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Old thread >>8214880

>>In this thread, we discuss and share images about our fetishes and how you found them.

Where did your fetishes come from?
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Shrinking Woman | Koonago

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Shrinking thread, let's go again!

Previous: >>8184361

Wow, I've started 2 threads in a row?! Been a long time since I've had time to do that!. Let's get back to shrinking, folks!
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It's been a long minute without one of these.
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Bi-Annual Female Strongfat/Bara thread

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I love this fetish but there's nowhere near as much material compared to male bara stuff.
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Encasement/immobilization/heavy bondage thread

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Thread for bondage where the subject is completely incapable of moving or struggling, male or female.

Bonus points for tickling/orgasm denial/forced orgasms

More bonus points for stories/captions
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