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Muscle Girls

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Muscle Girls, No Hyper.
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Bullying thread

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Post images with bullying in it, or I'll take your lunch money, nerds!

Male and Female Subs

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Girls and boys as subs at the same time - sharing a cock to lick, simultaneously being fucked, anything of that sort.
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Horse Penis

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Everything non gay (futas are not gay) with a horse penis.
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Whores, Hookers, Streetwalkers & Prostitutes

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A thread for posting women that sell themselves for cash.

Extra points for trashy whores.

Extra EXTRA points for established characters depicted as women of the night.
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Can we have a BDSM thread?
I don't give a fuck if you want to bitch about something, take a "bdsm is rape" bait or anything like this. Just want to post and save some porn, so enjoy
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Extra limbs

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Crab girl is now animated ! So here we go for a multilimb thread ! Male/female/futa/whatevs
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/d/ Game Thread

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Kinky Shenanigans Edition

Last Thread: >>7318696

Programs you can use to make CYOAs of your own
CYOA Maker:

>CYOAs and Image Resources
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yandere thread, post some sexy obsessive chicks and yandere stories
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Dmitrys Thread
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