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Omnipotence Fetish Thread: Playful Edition

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The thought of some not all knowing, immature bratty girl becoming all powerful one day is just super arousing imo

>the day starts out like normal, but suddenly the sky goes dark
>The sun being eclipsed by the breast of the 19 year old girl who lives next door; now at a cosmic scale that dwarfs the earth
>with a little giggle, and a flick of her finger, she causes calamity on an unfathomable scale as she forces the earth to spin faster. But to her, it's just like spinning a globe
>An instant later, on her whim, everything goes back to as it was; albeit everyone having terrifying memories of the events that had just occurred
>people who know her naturally go to confront her about it, but she solves that problem by making everyone who does so totally tiny. Trapped inside her water glass that she just finished drinking out of
>everyone being helpless to stop her as she points at the sky, and forces the moon to follow the path of her finger; zigzagging it around at impossible speeds
>turning the sun on and off like a light, changing the colors of things, and making the weather perfectly the way she likes it
>tfw she mind rapes everyone as she carelessly says: "Everyone loves me~". Without understanding the magnitude of those 3 words
>casually talking and altering reality to her bratty whims, until it changes just a bit too much for her tastes; and she reverts it
>only to do it all again the next day
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/d/ickfucking - Urethral Insertion

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lets get this going
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Birth/Egg Laying Thread

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Post girls, traps, futas, etc giving birth or laying eggs.
Bonus points for multiple holes.

Traps with Small / Hormone Tits

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Been a while since we've had this thread again. Post traps with small breasts that look like they might be at the beginning of transition.
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Futanari mothers
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Large Insertions

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Holes of all varieties being stretched, stuffed, and filled with huge or numerous things.
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Tied Up Traps/Femboys

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Because I want to fuck Astolfo.
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Gentle Femdom /gfd/

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Huge Edited Boobs
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Posting what I have
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