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巨乳化コラ Kyonyuuka kola

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huge breasts edition
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Vampirism Thread

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Drinking blood, draining life force, sucking souls, etc. Male, female, anything vamp.

Bonus points if the vampire looks full and satisfied.
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I need more pics of cute guys getting their pussies fucked.
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Giant Male Thread - I'm Not Gay Edition

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Post size content here. Only rule is the focus is on giant males.
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Twinning TF/TG

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Alright I know this is one of the more niche fetishes unfortunately, but decided to do my part to at least spread the creation of new content over at DA by setting up a bunch of commissions that are mainly twinning themed to various writers/artists.

Here is for twinning transformations mainly tg with or without the mental.

Note there is a longer story accompanied with the Sera-Fuku comics in the DA description.
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Comfy edition

Old thread:
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Old thread limit reached: New futa balls expansion!
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Brain Expansion

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Whores, Hookers, Streetwalkers & Prostitutes Thread IV

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A thread for posting women that sell themselves for cash.

The sluttier the better.

Previous Thread: >>7461040
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Monster rape and oviposition. The more horny spiders/insects and monsters raping/forcing, the better.
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