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Uses of Boobs

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Post common uses of boobs. Should be non-sexual or to the very list, suggestively non-sexual. I will post 2 examples of each.

First Non-sexual use: As an umbrella
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Gender bender

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Men to women
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Breast shrinking and stealing

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Ladies losing their most precious assets.
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Vaginal/Anal Vore

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It's time we being this form of vore back!
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Gyaru Thread

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I love the gyaru look. It's just so sexy so lets go. Girls Only. No traps or futas.
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Female on Trap

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need to expand my folder
Bonus points if it involves femdoms
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Pic below happens too you *last one hit limit

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Male to futa/dickgirl/trap

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Guys getting transformed into girls with dicks/really feminine guys
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For all pics related to AB/DL.
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