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Forced Feminization

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Lots of tg threads around lately, but no best tg topic

many fetishes group well with this
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Fuck Machines

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Are these things still /d/? They seem to be more and more mainstream as more kinks go more public. Don't know if /h/ would through a fit over it or not. What do you think? Dump to follow.
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going it alone
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Body Swap

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Previous Thread: >>7244819

Post your favorite swaps and discuss all things related to body swaps.

Starter Topic: Who was the first person you wanted to body swap with?
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Slavery Thread

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Because the last one (>>7240435) is finally autosaging.
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Tasty looking cocks

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Hey /d/, i'm looking for a Pixiv artist that draws mostly (if not only) slutty femboys with really well drawn cocks. IIRC his pictures aren't colored and his femboys were drawn in very slutty poses, similar to pic related. Also, tasty cocks thread. Big or small, thick or thin, any cock that makes your mouth water.
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>No futa on male thread
Let's fix that
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Inanimate Object TF Thread!

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Sorry the last one died.

Lets do a small set to start.

Last thread>>>7202773
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Accidental penetration/predicament

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Anything where something accidental happens like in pic a bondage predicament and penetration. Either one is accepted too.
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Gigantic Breasts

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Needs more Huge Boobage
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