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Show me what you got!
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(Erotic) Slavery Thread: Goblins make the best deals edition.

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Archive of writefaggotry
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Centaur Thread

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any centaur pics you may have pls, started liking this and want some to add to the folder
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Unwashed & unshaved Thread

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Post dirty, smelly, hairy pics. Bonus points for sweaty bodies and stinky armpits or feet..
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Forced Feminization

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TG with an unwilling or uncomfortable motif
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Baggy Eyes Thread 5

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Last one hit image limit

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Body swap thread

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OT: >>7541728
Write your own story edition
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Fat giantesses don't get a lot of love! So post any fat giantesses you find! Draw fat giantesses! As long as they're heavyset and giant! Or at least giant to someone
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Fucking orcs?

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There are some relavent threads existing like slavery and bizarre monsters, but none specific to this fetish. Orcs/humanoid monsters making human women their bitch
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Creature Vore/Unbirth

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Creatures, monster girls, tight fits, all that fun stuff
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