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Hypnosis thread

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Hypnosis thread
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New thread for titanic pregnancies.
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Slavery Thread no mods r asleep post takagi

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previous >>7427471
Archive of writefaggotry
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Petrification/Inanimation Thread 17

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Petrified Pantyshots edition
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Petplay Thread #53 - Did the Pet Thread die in Cuba?

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Here's a great combination of breathplay and self-bondage:
>bag large enough to fit inside, which can be sealed from inside
>breathing mask attached to bag, with a one-way valves so that exhaled air leaves the bag, but inhaled air comes from inside the bag
>small holes in bag to slowly let air in
The idea is that the more you breathe, the the less air is in the bag you're in, and so you if you get excited you quickly find yourself trapped as if in a vacuum-bed. Of course, you won't suffocate, because the low pressure means that air will refill faster, but if you actually want to get out then you'll need to really restrict your breathing!
I'd totally make something like this, but I don't have the stuff for it.
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Non-human x Female

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Bonus points for:

• Consensual
• Kissing
• Feet
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Belly Stuffing thread

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All kinds of things of eating more and more and more and so on.

Bonus Points for burping.

(first time I'm making a thread, can't find the previous one..)
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Possession thread

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back from the dead let's try this again
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Elastic thread
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