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Mother and daughter in kinky situations (sisters are okay too)
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Inanimate Object Transformation

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Girl being turned into inanimate objects. Toys, etc.
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"Vanilla" pregnancy thread 17: Confederate History Month Edition

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It's April aka the only month that matters in American history (besides July) my dudes.

Previous Thread: >>7867848

100% medically accurate pregnancies only. Hyper, futa, vore, and mpreg belong in their respective threads. Blah blah blah you get the point, just post preggos.

As usual, OC is always highly encouraged.
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Body Swap Thread

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Last thread: >>7932652
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SPH: Small Penis Humiliation

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Men with smaller members getting humiliated by women.
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Monsterboys trap addition

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post the cute's and the best of the monster boi's
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mobility impairment

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Post girls having trouble moving. Doesn't matter what's weighing them down - fat, butt, boobs, dicks, being an amputee, being paralyzed, whatever - just post girls who can't move. Mobility assistance devices get you bonus points.
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Pics below is you [Waifu Edition]

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have fun making people your favorite waifu
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