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Can we have a whipping/whip marks on females thread? [spoiler:lit]If you really need to post whipped males keep it hetero-femdom and futa-free please[/spoiler:lit]
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Hypnosis/Mind Control

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Cyclops/Monoeye Thread: Spring and Early Easter Edition! (reloaded)

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Previous thread >>7913296

More info: http://pastebin.com/FWm01NPB
SFW thread >>>/c/3102100

Easter is just around the corner, and Spring is here! Not to mention, in a week, it will be the first day of the month - which is always a cyclops day!
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Jewelry Thread

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Here we go again.
Remember, gold on tanned skin is the best.
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Exotic Genitals Thread

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ITT: Horsecocks, knotted cocks, hemipenises etc...
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Slavery Thread

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Remembering the thread title edition.

Previous thread: >>7924249

Pastebin story archive: http://pastebin.com/ir1QM5sr

World Building Questions
>What sort of slave owning world do you like to imagine? Modern, fantasy, sci-fi?
>Who are the slaves and who are the owners?
>What are slaves used for? How are they treated?

Personal Fantasy Questions
>Are your fantasies about owning slaves, being one, or both?
>What sort of slave(s) would you want?/What sort of master/mistress would you hope for?
>How would you use your slave(s)?/How do you imagine being used?
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mpreg, emphasis oviposition

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all things mpreg, with an emphasis on oviposition
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Weight Gain Thread

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Since the previous thread died and got locked, I'm starting a new one.

Post thin girls getting fat and fat girls getting fatter.

Previous thread: >>7899817
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Unwanted Expansion

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Girls and guys getting forced to expand against their and not enjoying it. Done by inflation/weight gain/slime/magic.

Last thread died
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Pudding Girls Thread #2

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IDK if the last one died or got deleted.

Post pics of girls who jiggle around like pudding, and look like they're in motion even in still frames. Preferably with a cartoon squash-and-stretch.
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