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Creature Vore/Unbirth

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Creatures, monster girls, tight fits, all that fun stuff
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Headless and Detachment

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No males, furries, or shitty edits
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Anal Stretching+Gaping thread

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Let's see them blown out shitters!
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Male Ass Growth

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Traps are fine
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Possession Thread

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C'mon lads, why no Possession thread?

Source is
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Breast shrink/ Attribute theft thread

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Post anything related to breast shrinking and attribute theft
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Petrification/Inanimate Thread

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Last one died, here's a new one.
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A thread for people who like any/all of the following:
>being trapped in a small space
>being immobile
>being squeezed all over

So what do you do to sate your urges?
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Hypnosis/Mind Control Thread

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Starting a new one
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