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Cowgirls? Cowgirls.

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Everybody loves milk.
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Male/Trap/Shemale/Futa Belly Thread

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Pregnancy, stuffing, inflation: if they've got a dick and a distended tummy post 'em here
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Armpits thread
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Flattened, shape change thread

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Last one died BAKA
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Tentacles (pref.anal)

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Tentacles holding in a grip. Preferably anal.
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Huge Asses / Ass Expansion Thread

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Last thread: >>7264822

A thread for the biggest butts you've got. Huge thighs, hips, and legs are also welcome.
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Petrification/Inanimation Thread 14

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You're Up Against The Wall, And I Am The Fucking Wall edition.

>>7162603 Previous Thread
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Also, if I could request some help.
I'm searching for arts related to the OP one - a girl formed of contour/silhouette, without any details except clothes and eyes, with colorful background.
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Pic below happens to you

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Previous thread hit limit
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Bad end/Mind break

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Stumbled across this and found it sexy af desu, so figured I'd share it with /d/

It's probably one of the most cruel and evil things I've ever seen in hentai, but I'd be lying if I didn't find it extremely arousing.

Hopefully you guys like it too. Feel free to share similar stuff.

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