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Bisexual Thread #3

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Men and women who are into both men and women, share the love!
Previous Thread: >>7801644
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Is there a tag for this?

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I would think some variation on fuck train or something, but I haven't found much
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Clothing Condom

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I feel like this is kind of tame but I don't see very much of it. Anything of women getting fucked through their clothing, not pushed to the side. It can be in the process of ripping or be intact but it'd be ideal if it's actually getting pushed inside not just fucking through an open hole in it.

I'm sorry I don't have very much to start this thread with but I'll post what I have.
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FTM/Cuntboys Thread

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Cuntboys Thread?
Cuntboys Thread.

Help a brotha out
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Gentle Malesub General

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Treat a guy like a pet and he'll follow you like one. Let's see some big guys who are charmed, rather than forced, into submission.
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Dorse thread

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Roll up, roll up, who wants to see the most bizarre thing on Earth? Healthy, attractive women transformed into weird animals with a ballgag in their mouth,a buttplug between their ass cheeks,and a wood between their legs? That's right ladies and's the DORSE THREAD!
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Hucow/milking/lactation thread
No utters just big titties. Futa is coo though
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Hyper musclar females

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Post big beefy women
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Hyper Female Muscle Thread

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Not fucking retarded and following the rules this time edition
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Swallowing Objects Whole Anally/Vaginally/Orally

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Objects, not living things. I'd like to keep this thread separate from the currently open vore threads.
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