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Giantess Vore

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Kamala Khan Edition

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Futa on men

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Hey d/egenerates post futas fucking men or dominating men. Preferably men but boy-ish is ok too (they are shown to be boys most of the time anyway...). Bonuspoints for horsecocks.
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ITT nazi uniform fetish
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Living a /d/ life

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Hello fellow pervs.

I want to make a thread that isn't about any particular fetish, but is about how you live out your kinks in your real life. Have you managed to craft for yourself a real-life manifestation of your fetish? Are you trying to? Do you even want to, or would you prefer your /d/ness stay imaginary?

Lets talk about living a /d/ life. I'll share my story too.
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Tickle torture thread

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Mother son incest

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Keep the ss to a minimum boys
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Censoring Pics

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Censoring hentai for my fellow losers, post your favourite pics. Starting with some examples...
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Bodysuit/Skinsuit/Kawamono Thread

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Headless and Detachment (#8?)

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No males, furries, or cheap edits.
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3 lewd wishes and a succubus

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Front-loaded tl;dr - Make 3 lewd and sex related wishes that won't end the world or humanity, and then tell us how you plan to deal with a succubus for at least a year.

Maybe this was your first dildo purchase online, or maybe you're just adding to a collection; regardless of the purchase you were surprised when you received a large golden horse cock lamp in the mail instead. Gripping the shiny shaft tightly, you give it a few strokes before a plume of smoke erupts from the phallus. When the air clears, a beautiful demon-like woman stands before you.

"Behold, I am the succubus of the lamp...which is now shaped like a horse cock...interesting. Regardless, I am here to grant you three wishes just like a genie. Unlike a genie though, these wishes must be lewd and sexual in nature and cannot cause lasting harm to the world or humanity. And while were on the topic of impossible wishes, no I can't grant you additional wishes or summon genies. I'm limited doing this job as a succubus and I'm still bound by certain rules."

"Now while I'm bound by rules and my rather suggestive lamp, I'm not a traditional genie so you don't have to worry about me twisting your wishes unless you try something non-lewd. Also, unlike your traditional genie, I'm going to need payment for these wishes. If you agree, all I will need is sex once a day for the next year. Don't worry about the logistics as I will be using my powers to give cover to all our activities. The only thing I need from you in this regard is what you want my cover to be."

"Would you like me to pretend to be your girlfriend or wife? Maybe you'd prefer a boyfriend or husband? If you have a significant other already, I could be a second wife, a sibling, or maybe your daughter if you prefer something younger. Oh, and don't worry about current sexual partners, they are more than welcome to enjoy my stay as well. I'm more than happy to share with you and them. So, what will it be?"
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