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Pudding Girls Thread #2

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IDK if the last one died or got deleted.

Post pics of girls who jiggle around like pudding, and look like they're in motion even in still frames. Preferably with a cartoon squash-and-stretch.
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Huge Asses / Ass Expansion

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The thread for ass expansion or just the biggest asses you've got.
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Shape Change & Flattening Thread - The 4(chan)th

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Feel blessed to start this one off.

Old is stickied above.

Lets go, go, GOOOO!
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Monster/Creature vore

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thirsty girls/human toilets
traps, futa also allowed

stories welcome
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Tickle torture thread #2

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Previous thread:

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What's the best male to sissy transformation game?
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Diapers thread

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seems like there is no other diaper thread and the other one was having a stupid deletor deleting sfw picture for no reason. so here another thread
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Haircutting, Headshaving and bald girls thread

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Old thread reached bump limit, so let's continue here.
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Bimbo/Bimbo TF thread

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As long as it involves bimbos, we're good