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Futa balls

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Anything with big heavy futa balls.

Bonus points for swelling, ballfucking, ball inflation and massive cumshots.
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Hypnosis/Mind Control Thread

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Would you rather have a brainwashed slave, or be a brainwashed slave?
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masc/fem guys with vaginas, transgender ftm, cboy, or intersex, just put your cby content here

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i've got a bunch saved but i need more content, hard to find this stuff
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Multicock futa

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Futanari with more than 1 cock
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Implied Futanari

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No actual dicks in the shot, but are still implied to be there.
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TG/Gender Bender Thread

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"Just One Thread This Time, Please" Edition
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Tiny Dick Futa

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Tiny Dick Futa
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/d/ Captions

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Post /d/ related captions.
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Trap link thread

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Bonus for cheerleader or gerudo dress,
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Melty Absorby Mergy Thread

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Melting people, Merging people, Absorbing people, People losing form

Bring it all here, keep it /d/ and keep your deviantart sfw shit out.

Keep it lewd but not nessecarily nude. I wanna see those titters and penors merging as one
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