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trap on trap thread

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post cute traps fucking traps
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Minigts+futa+size diff?

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So I just started a relationship with someone who is both noticeably taller than me (I'm not a manlet, she's over 7ft 5 inch) and is intersexed. That is, she's not trans, she's born with both going on down there but her vagina's super shallow.

/r/ing any mini-giantess (not more than double normal person height) you've got. Futa a plus, not required, man/futa should be the smaller partner if possible. I'm gonna gather up as many of these as I can so we can fap together. I'll start with what little I could find.
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I've been looking for an mpreg thread on here but I couldn't find one so I just made it instead
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Sissy chastity hentai thread.
Will be dumping the entire Sissy a la Carte set, I have all 13 galleries :)
Help me find new material!
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Cute girls with big fluffy wings!
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Bridal Traps

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Post cute boys in cute wedding dresses
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/gfd/ - Gentle Femdom Thread

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Only post gentle images, nothing aggressive
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Just post the weirdest shit you've got
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Pseudovore/Engulfing Tentacles/"Light vore?" Thread

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Thread's for people getting swallowed up by monsters, but just for fucking and not in a "getting eaten" way.

I mean I guess you could just post actual vore with the serial numbers filed off, but whatever works

Also doesn't have to specifically be tentacles. Can be slimes and stuff too.
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Exotic Genitals

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For your finest horsecocks, knots, hemipenises, tentacocks, etc.
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