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There will be downtime this weekend while the database is upgraded to support emoji in filenames and to finish up the rest of the archive.moe import. Also during this time, the image server will be brought up.

Please use this thread for any questions you may have.
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>The search backend is currently unavailable.
jesus fucking christ. can this site run properly without any errors?
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Will this ever be fixed?

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Is there a plan to return /a/'s ghost board to reusability at any point in the future?
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Desumin, can you please bring back /a/ ghost?

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I don't want it to be gone forever just because of two autistic shitposters. ;_; Maybe you could just filter everything Madoka-related or mass-linking of more than two posts in ghost?


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Please get rid of the redirecting type ads.
The site is not usable with them.
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