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New Name Suggestions

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I hate the name cuckchan as much as everyone else, and I would like to see what names you all can come up with.

Right now I am leaning towards desuarchive.org or desudesustorage.org
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Ideas to prevent CP

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Here's a few suggestions on how to better deal with CP for you

>ban certain thumbnail hashes
a lot of the material posted for shock value is the same stuff, people usually get it from that one German guy on /sp/ or from /b/. By implementing a system which automatically removes images which are known to be CP, some burden on the moderators can be avoided. Since CP spammers might try to evade such measures (especially since 4chan already does md5 filtering), perceptual hashing might be a better solution. There are existing libraries for perceptual hashing, and basic methods of it that have a moderate amount of success are fairly easy to implement within an afternoon, if you know what a DCT is. Also, this lets you simply store hashes of banned images, which means you don't need to store any of the illegal material to actually detect it.

>do not show images of deleted posts on certain high-risk boards until manually approved by a moderator
this one is a bit extreme, but if there are boards with a known issue of some user repeatedly spamming CP (hi /sp/!), a temporary (or permanent?) restriction could be imposed which does not show images of deleted posts until a moderator approves them. It might be risky, but it's better than losing the entire archive due to a few shitheads. This obviously increases the burden on moderators significantly, but also means that you're on the safe side if you can't keep up with how many posts you can moderate.

>develop a small browser addon for 4chan which also sends a notification to relevant archives if a user reports a post on 4chan as containing illegal material
might be something to bring up with the 4chan X developers and the foolfukka devs. A standardised API to make it easier for users to make sure CP is reported in a timely manner to all affected places could lead to more reports.

fgts is dead

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Any chance you'd be willing to archive the boards only they were archiving?
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>no /pol/
>no /v/
>no /vp/

Is there a reason for this?


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Ghost posting has been down for awhile, when will it return properly? It works once in a blue moon now and threads take forever to catch up

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I couldn't help but notice certain posts that were deleted by mods, don't show up in the archive.
And I don't mean CP. Heck, it's not even shitposting.

Why is that?

/int/ archive.moe posts

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Have the archive.moe posts for /int/ been imported yet?

Don't seem to be able to find them when searching.

If not, any status or update on when this will happen?