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Warosu has been completely down for about 3 weeks now. Most of the boards, like /tg/ and /g/ have another place that archives for them. The only board that doesn't is /jp/. I am pretty sure warosu will be down permanently. Is there any chance you might take up /jp/ now?

archiving /diy/

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Evidently, warosu's imminent destruction has had ripple effects.

One of them is that /diy/ no longer has a permanent archive
And that's a massive shame because /diy/ is easily the most informative board.

Do you have plans on picking up /diy/ or are aware of any archivers of /diy/ besides warosu?

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The archive for /a/ stopped working today. None of the current threads are getting archived anymore.

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Do you have plans on archiving /jp/ too?
Warosu being unreliable and DCing every 2 days is really annoying.

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Can you possibly import /int/ and /sp/ onto here? I'm really interested in searching for the rare flags.

There are other archives that picked up those boards, such as 4plebs and firemen. However, 4plebs doesn't have /int/ and only has /sp/, and fireden, while having both /int/ and /sp/, is a non-functioning shithole where the "country" searchbar doesn't work.

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I heard that you archive boards that are currently not archived anywhere, so I ask you to hold /gif/ as it's gone after archive.moe shutdown. Would you, please, do that?