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So, I got a ban for "doxxing/shitting" when I wasn't actually doing either of those things. I appealed the ban, but here's the thing, my IP changes very often, so I'm not going to know if my appeal got accepted or not.

I think the problem is that there's a mod in the Drawfag thread who's butt buddies with VCR Working and/or Troid and he's misusing his mod powers to protect them.
Even though they are the one who destroyed moe archive by deleting literally thousands of threads among other things.

Either way, that ban I got was for like 2 months or something. But I was not doing what the ban claimed I was.

Image hash change

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I noticed you changed the image hashing function to base64-encoded MD5. Any reason for the change and are you not providing a traditional hexadecimal hash API anymore?

Jewiro is trying to kill archive sites

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aloha desufriend, I appreciate that you run this puppy

bit of a suggestion: now that 4chan has the whole "posts/posters" thing maybe you could start tracking that, ie. posters per thread

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Why are pictures suddenly taking a long time to load? is it because of my connection or is it the site?

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Is there any way to search for phrases in filenames surrounded by underscores?
For example, searching the word "apple" and getting results like "the_apple" or "my_apple_is_gone" instead of just "space apple"

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Is anything archiving /vip/?