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Are you guys going to archive /v/ on here?

Archive.moe had a bunch of their posts stretching back to 2012.

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is there any chan downloader that can be used to download threads from here? I use ychan downloader for 4chan but it does not support desustorage

DesuStorage Discussion

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Hopefully I will be able to migrate to the Sapphire Server this weekend, providing us a much more reliable and faster archive.

Here's how it will go (if things work out) :

1) An alternate post fetcher is gone up. This will store new posts offsite until the migration is complete.

2) Asagi is stopped on this server and the database is dumped and uploaded to the new server.

3) The database is imported on the new server and Asagi goes live on the new server. Desustorage.org then will call the new server.

4) The alternate archive is stopped and the posts and images are imported here.

This process should take no longer than 24 hours.
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DesuStorage Discussion

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Progress is being made on importing the archive.moe dumps. No ETA is available.
Also, please use this thread to discuss the current state of the archive and to suggest new features.

Be sure to check us out in #desustorage on irc.rizon.net
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