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But seriously, what's up with all the "Something went wrong when inserting the post in the database. Try again." when trying to ghost post? It's been like that for months already.

No.1207 View ViewReplyReportDelete was last updated on November. Any news on the import status? There's some wsg threads that are still without pictures.

Threads not archiving.

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I was looking around for an old post and I realized this thread( wasn't archived.

This is the second time I find a thread not in the archive. Is this normal?

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>Love is Over is offline
>Warosu dead
> is not public anymore

Where did it go so wrong, lads?
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Possible /lit/ addition?

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/lit/'s archive (Warosu) has been down for quite some time and 4chbe is p unreliable, do you fellas have any thoughts of adding /lit/ to your collection? We're in desperate need, anyone that can handle archiving for us would be v appreciated ^_^

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When I click the Google button for an image, it leads to a 404