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Threads not archiving.

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I was looking around for an old post and I realized this thread(http://boards.4chan.org/int/thread/55668668) wasn't archived.

This is the second time I find a thread not in the archive. Is this normal?

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>Love is Over is offline
>Warosu dead
>4ch.be is not public anymore

Where did it go so wrong, lads?

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Possible /lit/ addition?

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/lit/'s archive (Warosu) has been down for quite some time and 4chbe is p unreliable, do you fellas have any thoughts of adding /lit/ to your collection? We're in desperate need, anyone that can handle archiving for us would be v appreciated ^_^

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When I click the Google button for an image, it leads to a 404

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Warosu has been completely down for about 3 weeks now. Most of the boards, like /tg/ and /g/ have another place that archives for them. The only board that doesn't is /jp/. I am pretty sure warosu will be down permanently. Is there any chance you might take up /jp/ now?