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/int/ posts

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Have the posts for /int/ been imported yet?

Don't seem to be able to find them when searching.

If not, any status or update on when this will happen?

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I've been fooling around with writing some bindings to the FF API to use this archive, but I've been having some strange problems. I'm specifically trying to count the amount of times a specific term comes up on a board. I can do this manually by just searching for it and reading the amount of results found, but when I submit a GET request through the API I only get 25 posts and no indication of how many there are. How can I get either the maximum number of posts (in order to determine the amount of them myself, inconveniet but manageable), or just amount of posts that exist with that search term without bringing up the posts themselves?

/u/ pls?

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Any chance of picking up archiving of /u/?

/a/ archiver

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Any reason why the archiving of /a/ in particular keeps dropping while other boards seem to be working fine? It keeps being sluggish and dropping out for hours and often not recovering all posts when it tries to catch up. Definitely producing inaccurate results.

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But seriously, what's up with all the "Something went wrong when inserting the post in the database. Try again." when trying to ghost post? It's been like that for months already.

No.1207 View ViewReplyReportDelete was last updated on November. Any news on the import status? There's some wsg threads that are still without pictures.