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"Verified" capcode

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Search is broken, admin-sama!
clicking page numbers or random queries give "Whoops, looks like something went wrong."

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Would it be possible to add the function to sort deleted posts by deletion date?


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Any chance the cuckchan.org domain will come back up? I've been using it since it's easier to remember than the three thousand variants of desu and archive we've gone through the past few years.

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Hey admin, any news on when images will be available again?? It's hard to follow threads I missed without pictures.

Also how are newer archived images working but old ones keep giving "503 SERVICE UNAVAILABLE"

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Why are the pictures not showing up? also, why is it at times the site goes down?

Searches that are broken

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Would it be possible to ban a certain keyword from search?

malicious ads

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I am a android user and am constantly getting redirected to scam sites. And recently had a site claim to have put randsomware on my phone.
Is everyone getting this, and why are the adds even allowed.
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