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Why don't threads and posts older than a day or two show up on: even though the trashcan icon is visible in them? Could you fix this?

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>Older images are 404'ing yet again
Plenty of images from just a couple months ago are disappearing again. What's going on this time?
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>images from farther back than a few weeks ago are largely unavailable
Is anyone else having this problem? What's going on this time?
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I figured out a way to solve the image problem
1. go to any thread of your liking
2. on the url, change "" to ""
3. remove the hashtag number at the end of the url, that messes things up
4. hit "Enter"
There, now you can browse the thread along with images
Note: does not work on /trash/

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Why does it take some time before deleted threads show up under /deleted/deleted/type/op/?
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